I used to play this game’s predecessor, Super SRB2 Kart Z, as a kid but SRB2 Kart is way better; if the engine didn’t violate the GPL, it’s based on Doom Legacy, I would probably try to use it for a project.


Yeah, this is definitely a cool one, and quite amazing what you can do with a modded Doom engine. I just wish they would rebrand to a non-copyrighted theme. As cool as the Sonic franchise is, this is IMHO holding it back as a game.


They could probably release a non copyrighted version if they wanted to. Tbh, the game would not have been as popular as it is even now had it not been a fan game.

It was inspired by Sonic Robo Blast 2. Another fan game.


deleted by creator

This looks super clean, I love the retro racing style where everything is kind of 2d but not quite.


It is super clean and very well polished. The mechanics blend together very well to make a fast paced and chaotic kart racer.

You definitely have to be ready to get bumped around a lot more than in other kart racers. Honestly that is something I really like about it. It feels like you have to improvise your line on the fly with chaos happening around you lol.

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