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More like everybody is leaving freenode

if you want something light maybe give gioui.org a try?

you will need the android sdk, but no need to use android-studio

sorry i only just saw this :/

@southerntofu summed it up nicely. thanks for that!

same stuff, but you have to pay cash and i don’t accept the local currency

i still do this


but glad that alternatives start popping up. let’s hope there will be some good ones eventually

Are we talking about the same watch? 😂

I’m not very good at taking care of it, that’s true. I go through one every or every other year. Only my first one lasted 5 years until the battery ran out (and that only barely).

A smartwatch wouldn’t last a week on my arm 😅

crawling through the dune series.

crawling because of life getting in the way, that shouldn’t reflect on the books, those are great! probably my favorite series until now to be honest

it is! i really like that it’s very visual about what is happening, and multiple cursors are a blast, but to me it still does have some rough edges in usage.

… and i’m just so used to vim-fugitive, nothing will ever come close

interesting. i can’t seem to open links either.

EDIT: it just says couldn't open link, Exception

mostly vim as well.

recently tried finding a good alternative though, i haven’t found a way to make working with bigger code-bases a breeze with it somehow…

i gave vis a go, and am currently using kak

I’m guessing you already have a list of things that need/want improving.

if you don’t however, i’m happy to note anything that sticks out to me

i’m happy the AMOLED option exists, but it’s not very easy on the eyes IMO.

enjoying the general feel of the app though!

ok that tmux config also seems to make life easier.

just afraid that i’ll never stop customizing things if i start xD


What bar are you using? I never got around to make anything that actually looks nice work :/

Don’t you think the toxicity will creep in as well once it picks up?

I rarely if ever use the Fn key, but I also remapped the Ctrl to the CapsLock key. This way I don’t have to twist my wrist to get to it.

Just do what feels most comfortable for you, it’s not worth it fighting with your keyboard. Life’s hard enough sometimes.