I like tech and I will always support FOSS in every way I can.

Have a good day/night everyone :)

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In the name of the Father, the Son and this Glock. Amen.

Many people are going to have there groceries go missing in transit

Hopefully many of these issues will be fixed over time.

The transcode issue is the biggest one for me as I have a slow connection.

I updated to 18.1 today and so far it’s super smooth and flawless for me on Moto G7

jokes on you my neighborhood is already addicted to crack

I personally use vim and doom emacs doom emacs is emacs with “evil mode” the vim keys

currently using it and so far it’s amazing, very clean interface and it has a darkmode (AMOLED) for those of you who like a true dark mode.

Probably camelCase is what i use most, but if im working withsome who likes snake_case im fine with that as well