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It was! It’s on the other side of the world for me and in a language I don’t know.

I managed to get a job overseas and survived being on my own for the first time. The first 3 months was really tough.

Not 100% vegan yet but I like soy milk, oat milk and rice milk.

TIL about jellyfin. We usually just screenshare/stream on Discord.

Wishing you all the best!

That’s so cool. I hope I get to do that one day, just be out in the open and clear sky.

Nice to meet you. I hope that the community here continues to grow in a positive direction

I’ve always been kind of a hermit, so not much. But I do want to go out and not risk getting sick.

Hope you’d have fun with it. I love Diablo 2 and most Diablo-like (Path of Exile, Titan Quest, Torchlight, etc) games after. Diablo 3 wasn’t great for me at the start but now I’m having some fun with it. For me it’s mostly about collecting cool looking items and pets now :D

Pretty good so far. Very little deaths and new cases are steadily dropping. Somewhat normal lifestyle has resumed except having to wear a mask and not gather in huge groups.

Elite Dangerous. I bought a basic flight stick for it and it’s been super fun. I generally don’t play simulation games but this was surprisingly fun for me for some reason. Mostly doing exploration (scanning planets), mining for money and sometimes I am a fighter pilot in a friend’s crewship. The atmosphere in this game is soooo good!

Diablo 3 on Switch. Just really love the Nintendo Switch and decided to give D3 another go (I had D3 on PC). Not much to say about D3, it’s fun just smashing hordes of enemies. My fav classes are probably Witch Doctor and Monk. Too bad I can’t play it with a friend (which was why I bought it) but hopefully I can do that soon when we meet up (we’re in a different country, and probably differences in NAT was the issue).

Tabletop Simulator - Jigsaw. Just for a chill time with friends.

i’m okay. thanks. i just registered today :D

I am playing Elite Dangerous and Diablo 3 on Switch!

hello. how’s everyone doing?