I have mostly played Ubisoft games.

Their battle royale game Hyper Scape was on an open beta on which I got an invitation. Even though battle royale is as worn out as “open world zombie survival”, I found the game fun to play. My skills aren’t the best for competitive online shooters and I died many times but still I found the game funny. The game’s environments are more vertical compared to the competition, which I liked.

The second Ubisoft game I have played is Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. The game shows that Ubisoft is breaking out of the mould they have set with their previous games with more emphasis on player choice and RPG elements. The game series benefits really much from the added RPG elements, with Odyssey being a logical continuation from Origins. I just finished the game’s main storyline and it had emotional depth at times, contrasted with really comedic moments. Considering how Ubisoft has done stupid and repetitive things with their games in the past, I didn’t set my expecations too high. This is a really good game with high production values, but not “the best thing ever”. Hopefully Ubisoft learns a lot of things from this game and iterates the gameplay elements further with Valhalla.

The third game I have been playing is the Hitman reboot, something not made by Ubisoft. I have only played the first few missions but the gameplay is still likable. Tinkering with all kinds of objects, masquerading as diferent people and trying to be stealthy enough to get a person killed is fun!

Hope you’d have fun with it. I love Diablo 2 and most Diablo-like (Path of Exile, Titan Quest, Torchlight, etc) games after. Diablo 3 wasn’t great for me at the start but now I’m having some fun with it. For me it’s mostly about collecting cool looking items and pets now :D

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