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Plausible Analytics would be a good non-Google and privacy respecting alternative. Voluntary surveys for Audacity users would be also a good option.

I tried to find it on Lemmur and it displays all fine.


Some time ago I told about wanting to create my own Lemmy instance so BAM - there it is! …

2 years or so and Google drops out of the gaming race.

This is like smoking for the world’s lungs. Recovering after this will be hard, after some more reasonable president comes after Bolsonaro.

So basically those reactionary folks in Poland should support abortions because that would mean returning to the old times.



A government funded centralized social media platform sounds already like a mess, what could possibly go wrong?

Someone created an account called “login”, after clicking on his profile, you just log out

Holy shit this is bad, and I thought Parler was done more hastily.

What aspects of RE4 need to be remade and modernized? The game has already earned the status of Capcom’s Skyrim, as it has been ported to gorillions of platforms.

Partiboi69’s DJ sets with various special guest stars are also absolute bangers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yw0vC9NZMco

It’s definitely a strange tradition that started somewhere around the early 80s. A bucket is just a really easy household tool and everybody has some use for it.

It’s just an empty bucket! Every time there’s a grand opening of a store/mall/etc, empty buckets are handed out. Some people have even suggested it in order to increase voter turnout in elections.

I could imagine a situation where someone makes low-effort memes, reposts or something that fits Reddit’s monoculture, gaining that 20k positive karma. That person may not comment much and the comments may be low-effort. Where’s the maturity and legitimacy here?

That’s great - isn’t that exactly the ‘social score’ implemented in China? Yikes.

Reddit’s biggest investors are Chinese so this is just fitting.

It’s just good that there is no karma on user profiles. There will be no hierarchy between users based on karma and no circlejerking around it. Like “hehehe see how you have so small amount of karma” and something else. Karma scores on posts should only matter.

Okay, what if I use Archive.is for archived copies instead?

Those people are living in an alternative reality fed to them via Fox News, Parler, InfoWars and various pundits. Ted Nugent is like if Fox News was a musician.