Basic telemetry for the Audacity by crsib · Pull Request #835 · audacity/audacity

This request provides the basic telemetry for Audacity. To implement the network layer libcurl is used to avoid issues with the built-in networking of the wxWidgets. Universal Google Analytics is u…

I have personally nothing against telemetry when it is properly explained, with a clear way to disable it.

Obviously, it isn’t acceptable to have FLOSS software use Google Analytics for that.


OMG. Google and Yandex usage in Audacity ? Is this related to the recent purchase by MuseScore owner ? With Android phones one can use F-Droid and be assured the app is free of this tracking, or get an anti-features warning, but on the desktop it depends on the OS you use. Worrying.


I haven’t read all of this, but why do they insist on using Google? Analytics that are disabled by default and non-Google would probably be fine.

Plausible Analytics would be a good non-Google and privacy respecting alternative. Voluntary surveys for Audacity users would be also a good option.

Nice start by Muse


Sketchy google

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