I’m currently staying in Thailand and it’s a mixed bag. I’m rather proud of Thai people but government had a lot of shortcomings. For example Thai people really took this seriously and no one complained about masks (which are quite common here already), hand sanitizers or even “check in” apps. People were also super supportive of healthcare workers and such.

Thai government however failed in so many aspects, primarily in economic support. Thai people are probably the most positive culture out there which makes really sad to see people struggle like this and still keep their smiles up.

The government offered few minor handouts that often got in the hands of wrong people (i.e. rich people got it). The economic future is still unclear and there’s no real roadmap to recovery and every plan that does get released often turns out to be pretty bad.
The government also used this to further extend their power and sneak various unrelated laws and changes.

Virus wise we’re kinda in the clear but the economy will take a long time to recover.

TL;DR: Thai government didn’t do too well but Thai people kinda rocked it out!


From Canada here, overall things have gone better than expected so far. There has been a steady trickle of cases, but the healthcare system hasn’t been overwhelmed and the death rate has been relatively low all things considered.

However, most people are really concerned about the clusterfuck south of the border. US has been pushing to reopen the border with Canada, and around 80% of people here oppose that for obvious reasons. The border closure has been extended till the end of August so far, but it’s pretty clear that nothing’s going to improve in US by then.

The most surprising thing for me has been the resistance to wear masks or wearing masks properly. This is not something I anticipated to be a problem in a pandemic.


I’m really irritated because everything here is focused on individual choices even though the actual spread is because of people at essential jobs… that they can’t choose to stay home from because they have no government financial support.


In Holland it was remarkable that the “authoritative” health care advice group (RIVM) for the NL gov. had a few times very different views compared to WHO or to several other EU countries. Currently the lockdown in NL is almost over, and “normal” life is pretty much back with lots of people “violating” the 1.5 meter rule. Death and infection numbers are pretty low right now. Newspapers wrote that with a possible second covid-19 wave there will be no strict national ruling, but cities/areas can define their own strategy. Also in the news today was that researchers found out that anti-bodies collapse much faster than expected, and with that the initial “herd” strategy (chosen by Dutch gov.) once again turns out to be a bad choice. Locally speaking I see different approaches by shops for dealing with the infection risks. I kind of like it that some have hand sanitizer outside at the front door.


Thanks for the report! 😊


I live in the U.S… I don’t really know what I expected but somehow I’m still disappointed. New cases in my city are finally staring to go down for the most part but it’ll still be awhile until I feel safe around other people.


Had some strict limits to movement, most stores had to shut down for a month or a two. Government is still making fun of masks but in overall things were handled pretty well. Everyone living normally now, quite low amount of infections per day

Pretty good so far. Very little deaths and new cases are steadily dropping. Somewhat normal lifestyle has resumed except having to wear a mask and not gather in huge groups.


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