I think I speak for most people when I say that I’m a good representative of the general population.

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My screenplay idea for a horror movie titled “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt”

Synopsis: Our hero John ventures into an attic, where he finds a dusty old photo of the villain. “Oh my god”, John exclaims. “His name is my name too.”…

Hey guys I just want to advertise that I’m selling my friendship too. My prices start at $1000, but I’ll discount it to free if you’re avoiding this app like the plague.

Is NFT an acronym I should already know or is it something these guys made up?

Does anyone else remember the “twelve days of Christmas” C program?

Yeah, it’s very easy to mix up /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc. Did it once and have PTSD from it, I triple-check every time now and still feel uneasy every time.

My first paper as a recreational mathematician

I was burned out on math for a very long while after failing out of my phd, just now starting to get back into it. This paper is not something a professional mathematician would take seriously, but I’m really happy with it still and wanted to share…

What is the patent situation with those? I’m really ignorant about this, but it seems like patents are playing a big role in keeping the vaccines from developing countries.

Did China develop their own vaccine, or are they buying doses of pfizer/moderna/oxford to donate? It would be a be a big deal if someone could put out a patent-free vaccine like Oxford was planning before the Gates foundation stepped in.

Someone created an account called “login”, after clicking on his profile, you just log out

I laughed out loud when I hit this one.

Thank you! If you want to chat over XMPP feel free to send a pm.

i’m trying to imagine what “extreme” metal sounds like. i bet to people who hate metal it all sounds extreme

I really just mean metal, I’m using the word “extreme” to differentiate it from stuff you could hear on the radio.

if you ever feel like reading more i have a ton of recommendations

Right now I’ve been working through a book on algebraic geometry, and while I’m open to taking on another book, if I did that I’d want an option that goes more into “bedtime reading”. If I pick up something dense right now I will likely give up on it before I get anywhere. I don’t know how realistic it is to make an entry to the subject into “light reading” but if you do have a suggestion in that direction I’m willing to listen.

Anyway, if you use XMPP I’d be happy to chat.

33/M/US - Looking to chat over XMPP

What I’m looking for: …

Most USAmerican people wouldn’t even know the implications of this tweet in vacuum.

Speaking. I’m guessing it’s a bit of work, but would anyone be willing to help me get up to speed?


It seems totally realistic that anxiety could exacerbate things, especially when the whole ordeal is making me question my sanity. I just struggle to believe that without anything else going on it could manifest in this way, with this severity, starting up when my mood was jubilant for feeling like we both had just gotten past the virus without much damage. I’m having trouble believing that it’s 100% anxiety because the severity of the symptoms gives me so much cognitive dissonance that I find it emotionally painful.

Maybe that reaction that it doesn’t feel possible is just from my own inexperience with anxiety issues. Honestly, even saying that out loud is hard for me though. Again, the cognitive dissonance is emotionally painful.

This turned into an essay:

My wife’s coworker’s wife works in a hospital, and that was enough for us to get it as soon as everything began shutting down here in mid-March. I’ve never really had eye issues so at the time I was convinced I had pink eye, and no one had ever suggested to me that eye infections could be symptoms, so I went to urgent care for antibiotic drops. (For what it’s worth, the doctors didn’t tell me it could be related on that visit either.) I was told it doesn’t quite look like pink eye, but I was prescribed drops anyway as a precaution, and they didn’t help.

A couple days later I lost my sense of smell, and my sense of taste became kind of funny - I was still able to taste, but it was like there was a second, foul taste in my mouth at all times. At this point I recognized it was likely covid, and was really worried because my wife is asthmatic. A couple days later I got one of the worst coughs I’ve had in my life, my throat got totally torn up, while she was totally fine. She ended up being totally asymptomatic. I got a little feverish at one point, but that wasn’t bad at all, and I never had any issue with shortness of breath.

I think March 28 or 29 was the last day my cough was really there, and the foul taste left my mouth and my tastebuds went fucking haywire oversensitive for a full day. Like, I was feeling nauseous because the inside of my own mouth was tasting too strong. Then when that died down I got a bitter metallic taste in my mouth for maybe a day, and then my sense of taste was normal again.

So at that point, my eyes are still kind of fucked and I still can’t smell anything, but whatever, covid beaten. That wasn’t too awful.

April 2, I started getting lightheaded, and over the next couple days that gradually gets stronger and I start feeling weak all over. I don’t really know a good way to describe it other than weakness, it’s like all my muscles are drained at once. Not really centralized anywhere, but a little more noticable in all four limbs and in my chest. When I realize this isn’t going away I get scared and go to a hospital for the first time in my life. After a couple hours I get discharged because they find nothing wrong.

The next day it’s still there and I call my gp. Can’t come in because I’ve just recovered. They prescribe stuff over the phone that doesn’t help. At this point, I still haven’t seen any news that covid can cause long-term symptoms and I feel terrified. Because I’m scared, I admittedly call my doctor more than I should about the medicine not working. When they finally let me back in, the very first thing they do is give me a psychiatric profile where they ask me questions like if I ever hear voices other people can’t hear. I totally feel like a lunatic, in addition to feeling awful physically.

Decide to switch doctors, do tons of tests. Everything turns up like I’m healthy and the new doctor slowly concludes it’s 100% an anxiety problem. My eyes still feel infected, diagnosed as allergies. Go through increasingly strong allergy drops which don’t help, eventually I stop pressing on this because it’s going nowhere.

The symptoms have changed to waxing and waning, where I go through good weeks where I feel amost normal and bad weeks where I feel awful. I also have weird issues with numbness - my limbs fall asleep really easily and sometimes take a while to recover. Smell is starting to come back, in that now I can tell when there is a strong smell, but not distinguish.

Switch doctors again and I am definitely a crazy person, and in my (physically) good moments I question whether I’ve imagined the entire experience.

So tonight I’m typing this up while lightheaded and feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck, and my eyes are visibly red. The past three weeks have been bad. I don’t feel confident I’m sane, and I don’t have much optimism for this getting resolved anytime soon.

tl;dr I’ve had a bad time with it.


I contributed 0% of the K-theory stuff (section 6), and probably 80% of the rest of the paper. Theorem 4.4 was the hard one.

My masters thesis a couple years ago was original work in categorical homotopy theory, co-written with my adviser obviously. I did a lot (for me, not for an actual mathematician) in that paper, but there was one theorem in particular that I felt was the best proof I had ever written. I just looked up the paper again on the arxiv and I think that proof would probably take me a few hours if I wanted to read through it again. My adviser is undoubtedly the only other person who has read it and who will ever read it.

I miss doing math so much, but I don’t miss much else about that career path.

Is diasp.nl permanently dead?

My pod has been giving me a “502 Bad Gateway” error for a few days now. Does anyone know a way to find out if they’re gone for good? My account on the pod was like three years old with a ton of posts, so I don’t want to make a new one if I don’t have to. …

That’s a really special album. My favorite is “Cel Din Urma Vis”.

As far as I know it’s not ready for the public yet, but I’m optimistic about Snowdrift as a libre funding platform.

Good article overall. The tendancy for FOSS to cater towards techies is definitely a problem. I’ll note that the government accountability aspect is based on whether the software is under corporate control, not whether it’s proprietary, but I can understand conflating the two since they do tend to coincide in practice.

It’s a tough issue, because for a ton of people FOSS is their hobby, and it’s not really fair to put the burden on the way people are enjoying their free time unless that hobby is actively harmful in some way - the world is no better off if these hobbyists were spending their free time playing games instead, and we wouldn’t ask them to cut games out of their lives. At the same time, the author’s point is definitely true that the freedoms libre licences grant are of little use to someone short on time, money, and expertise. I still think using free licenses makes the world a better place overall, but it’s completely understandable that a marginalized person wouldn’t find it worth their effort to prioritize using software under those licenses. Unless progress is made to make it worth their effort, the problems attached to proprietary software will continue to be problems.

My best guess at the way to approach this would be a government policy that offers funding for libre projects that hit a large enough userbase in exchange for some level of democratic control over a project that accepts said funding. Getting a law like that passed is probably as much of a pipe dream as overthrowing capitalism altogether, so I guess I might as well dream a little bigger. Back in the real world, the author’s suggestion to conclude the article is a good one, but I can’t imagine many people will take it up when most are struggling to live themselves.

I’m still playing yo-kai watch 3 on 3ds. I can appreciate some childishness, but I almost gave up on the game early just because of how childish it was, especially your female character. A billion hours later, I’m really glad I didn’t, it’s honestly one of the best games I’ve ever played.

I started playing yo-kai because I was interested in a pokemon clone, but other than the community sizes it’s so much better than pokemon is now. The battle system is totally different from pokemon but they’re comparable as both are monster-collecting games with tons of sidequests.

My only criticisms (other than lack of a large community to play alongside) are that there are rare glitches and that the rewards from the dungeon-raiding “blasters” minigame are overpowered for the main gameplay, so the game can be too much of a breeze by focusing on blasters early on.

If anyone else here plays it I’ll trade out something good, playing a billion hours has gotten me spares of a couple rare things.