I think I speak for most people when I say that I’m a good representative of the general population.

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I actually think that this is a big step up from the homelessness to prison slave-labor pipeline we have in the US.

…It’s kind of amazing the status quo has set the bar so low it might as well be underground.

This seems obviously fake to me, but the guy in this thread who posted that it’s not fake was enough to get me to take the time to verify that yes, it indeed is fake. I do get that Walsh is horrible regardless of whether this particular tweet is real or not, but still, come on guys.

Agree so much, I used to check lemmygrad every day and it was really good content. It feels so hostile and antagonistic now, and I check lemmy in general much less often because of that. I’ve started blocking some users who I feel are obnoxious or overly confrontational, and also a few entire communities. (I see another user in this thread has a similar list.) It does help some, but I really miss the lemmygrad of old. Maybe I’m wrong, but it felt like it got more hateful overnight when genzedong left reddit.

I had a friend around 2003ish who said norton found a couple hundred on his pc. I think this was following years of prolific mp3 downloading. I remember cracking up at the story.

It was around 70 and it kept going up I was like “oh shit”

edit: I tried watching this video because it’s a funny idea on its face, but I couldn’t get through it.

Lemmygrad was a communist instance with a nice community before genzedong left reddit. I would look at the new posts every day and the community was friendly. Lately I view Lemmy much less than I had been back then. I definitely feel like lemmygrad has become hostile.

I’ve very recently started using the user blocklist in the lemmy settings to remove a couple users from my feed who I feel are obnoxious/overly confrontational. I feel like this has actually been a lot more helpful than I was expecting, but it’s only been a few days.

I’m also wondering how they verify you’re a student without getting your identity.

I guess that could be the end, but the picture I had in mind was a conflict over using the blueprint. I wanted to be vague about that though, maybe there’s a better way to use the idea.

I came up with a sci-fi thought experiment/writing prompt - thoughts?
I came up with a science fiction writing prompt/thought experiment that I'd like to share. I'm aware this is a little silly. Background: There exists an aether throughout the universe which I am going to suggestively name "soul". Soul can congeal, and congealed soul can take on a multitude of different states. Consciousness is congealed soul, and the states it takes on are emotions. Organisms have evolved to interact with soul, and over time the emotions they are able to evoke have become less rudimentary and increasingly varied. The prompt/thought experiment: A utilitarian mad scientist designs blueprints for a soul virus, which causes the aether permeating everything to congeal and then permanently crystallize in a joyful state. It will spread and eventually unify all consciousness into one. This leads to the question of whether universal bliss is worth the price of a total loss of individuality.

I still consider Office Space my favorite movie.

If a real human emailed me about a paper I have on the arXiv I would probably be thrilled even if it was just dumb trolling.

I just beat Eastward, which I got for the switch. I loved the artwork, it just created a fantastic atmosphere. The story was heartwarming at times and creepy at other times. There were so many details to the story which were clearly deliberate but I couldn’t piece together and I was really excited to see how they were going to tie everything together…and then the game just ended and so much was just left unexplained. Before finishing it I thought it was one of the best games I’d ever played, but man was that disappointing.

Final Fantasy VI has my favorite soundtrack of any game I’ve played.

Magma is great! My favorite thing they’ve done is the first nine minutes of track 3 on K.A.

Here is a good reddit post from a couple years back from a guy who dug into their SPC status.

I heard a few people were able to get their money back by contacting the California attorney general. It’s been a scam since the beginning though.

Like 7-10 years ago I used to use the Trisquel forums back when Purism had their first fund drive (for a high-end laptop that was advertised as 100% libre), and Todd Weaver (Purism’s CEO) made a post there about it. A user made a really detailed post on why a lot of the things Purism was promising could not be achieved in the timeframe they had given, and Todd completely ignored every point the guy made and instead wrote a single sentence saying the guy didn’t actually value software freedom or something to that gist. I never understood the technical details tbh, but that exchange left such a sour taste in my mouth anyway.

Everything else I’ve seen has just been downhill from there.

I really enjoy martial industrial as a genre, which unfortunately has some bad personalities here and there and everywhere. For any band I really enjoy I’ll actively avoid digging into any interviews or anything because it will probably just depress me.

Also, side note since I know you just mean the music, but the Yo-Kai series is killer. I still play Yo-Kai Watch 3 all the fucking time, it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played.

Maybe Antti Martikainen?

I don’t understand omitting Ghost Love Score from a Nightwish hits album though.

This fails to rule out the Gaussian rationals.

One time I used this program to edit commercial breaks out of recordings. I appreciate how easy it was to figure that process out given that I know essentially nothing about video editing.

That mostly makes sense to me, but it seems likely that a cheapening of reviewing standards would backfire long-term and push the best papers away from traditional publishers, which could then become a more widespread trend pretty quickly after it starts. Maybe I’m being too optimistic.

This model can work as long as the publishers are not looking to make unfair profits.

This line made me laugh.

I just woke up from a silly dream and feel the need to share
Anyone remember how Trump started Space Force? I was on Space Force, and I got sent to the moon. We were called Moon Force, and there was only one other soldier there on the moon with me. Back home on Earth, I wanted to mail her a card, so I looked in the card aisle for cards related to Moon Force. They only had one relevant card, it said "Don't Moon Force me to go". I thought it was funny so I got it for her and mailed it.

This is a fantastic essay.

I mean I know that and I get that the whistleblower is calling them out for bad scientific practices in the name of profits, I’m just confused as to how the two points are connected.

Pfizer also did all these ethically dubious things without having enough manufacturing capacity to fulfill potential orders from the whole world, making it somewhat needlessly damaging

I’m kind of slow, could you elaborate on this point?

I actually really like his vocals in this song. One of my favorites by them.

This looks awesome! I like the monster collecting genre a lot. I actually saw a post about this on reddit like a week ago, but I didn’t really think too much of it until I watched this video just now.

I'm just going to type out the full story rather than being vague. We have a girl named Oceanborn, a black cat who never grew up - she has looked like an eight-month-old kitten for years. When we got Oceanborn, she was five or six months old. She was a little shy but we could play with her and pick her up okay. Shortly after getting her, she got a very nasty eye infection that required a course of antibiotic drops. It became clear pretty quickly that she *really* did not like the drops, and giving them to her became a task for two people. We felt that it would be a bad idea to stop the antibiotics early, so we finished the course. It was clearly traumatic for her, and I still feel awful about it today. She became terrified of us. At that point I felt it would be best to give her space. I was really hoping that time would heal that wound, but it's been about four years now and there's only been tiny bits of progress. She will let us pet her, but on her own terms - if I approach her she will likely run. I haven't had much luck with using foods to get her to warm up to me. She is okay being out and about when we are home, but if there is a visitor she will hide for hours. She lives with another cat friend who is very social and full of energy, but she only interacts with him occasionally. I'm honestly not even sure if I should be trying to get her to open up or not, but it really eats at me so I'm reaching out for suggestions. I want her to be the cat she could have been without the trauma, but maybe that's being selfish and she is who she is? I think I need an outside perspective because it's too emotional for me.

That makes sense. Does peertube have a way of deciding which media federates on a case-by-case basis? More specifically, is there a way you could have a content creator opt-in to federation, and exclude the rest from being shared with other instances?

My screenplay idea for a horror movie titled “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt”
Synopsis: Our hero John ventures into an attic, where he finds a dusty old photo of the villain. “Oh my god”, John exclaims. “His name is my name too.”

Does anyone else remember the “twelve days of Christmas” C program?

Yeah, it’s very easy to mix up /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc. Did it once and have PTSD from it, I triple-check every time now and still feel uneasy every time.

My first paper as a recreational mathematician
I was burned out on math for a very long while after failing out of my phd, just now starting to get back into it. This paper is not something a professional mathematician would take seriously, but I'm really happy with it still and wanted to share.

What is the patent situation with those? I’m really ignorant about this, but it seems like patents are playing a big role in keeping the vaccines from developing countries.

Did China develop their own vaccine, or are they buying doses of pfizer/moderna/oxford to donate? It would be a be a big deal if someone could put out a patent-free vaccine like Oxford was planning before the Gates foundation stepped in.

Someone created an account called “login”, after clicking on his profile, you just log out

I laughed out loud when I hit this one.

Thank you! If you want to chat over XMPP feel free to send a pm.

i’m trying to imagine what “extreme” metal sounds like. i bet to people who hate metal it all sounds extreme

I really just mean metal, I’m using the word “extreme” to differentiate it from stuff you could hear on the radio.

if you ever feel like reading more i have a ton of recommendations

Right now I’ve been working through a book on algebraic geometry, and while I’m open to taking on another book, if I did that I’d want an option that goes more into “bedtime reading”. If I pick up something dense right now I will likely give up on it before I get anywhere. I don’t know how realistic it is to make an entry to the subject into “light reading” but if you do have a suggestion in that direction I’m willing to listen.

Anyway, if you use XMPP I’d be happy to chat.

33/M/US - Looking to chat over XMPP
What I'm looking for: I'm offering to be a friend to chat with occasionally over XMPP messenger. Platonic only because I am happily married, and I'd rather not chat with anyone under 18 just because I would feel like a creep. My interests: I love listening to music, but more often weirder music like neoclassical, industrial, and various subgenres of extreme metal. In general I try to support libre software, but I'm not perfect with it and definitely make exceptions for games. I especially like pokemon and other monster-collecting games. I want to learn to program but haven't gotten any deeper than what's necessary to do the first fifty or so project euler programs in haskell. I was abd in mathematics, and my qualifiers were in category theory and algebraic topology. I got burnt out for a while but I'm starting to enjoy math again now that I'm not under pressure to perform. I follow the NHL. Since the playoffs in 1998 I was watching Capitals games every once in a while, but about ten years ago I started watching them religiously and still am. Politically I identify as pretty far left, but I don't have good knowledge of theory. About me: Honestly, I can be very flaky and I know I might not be the ideal friend. Things have been hard lately. I am unemployed and have been very sick with post-covid symptoms since my recovery end of March. Still, if anyone wants to talk I would be happy to.

Most USAmerican people wouldn’t even know the implications of this tweet in vacuum.

Speaking. I’m guessing it’s a bit of work, but would anyone be willing to help me get up to speed?

It seems totally realistic that anxiety could exacerbate things, especially when the whole ordeal is making me question my sanity. I just struggle to believe that without anything else going on it could manifest in this way, with this severity, starting up when my mood was jubilant for feeling like we both had just gotten past the virus without much damage. I’m having trouble believing that it’s 100% anxiety because the severity of the symptoms gives me so much cognitive dissonance that I find it emotionally painful.

Maybe that reaction that it doesn’t feel possible is just from my own inexperience with anxiety issues. Honestly, even saying that out loud is hard for me though. Again, the cognitive dissonance is emotionally painful.

This turned into an essay:

My wife’s coworker’s wife works in a hospital, and that was enough for us to get it as soon as everything began shutting down here in mid-March. I’ve never really had eye issues so at the time I was convinced I had pink eye, and no one had ever suggested to me that eye infections could be symptoms, so I went to urgent care for antibiotic drops. (For what it’s worth, the doctors didn’t tell me it could be related on that visit either.) I was told it doesn’t quite look like pink eye, but I was prescribed drops anyway as a precaution, and they didn’t help.

A couple days later I lost my sense of smell, and my sense of taste became kind of funny - I was still able to taste, but it was like there was a second, foul taste in my mouth at all times. At this point I recognized it was likely covid, and was really worried because my wife is asthmatic. A couple days later I got one of the worst coughs I’ve had in my life, my throat got totally torn up, while she was totally fine. She ended up being totally asymptomatic. I got a little feverish at one point, but that wasn’t bad at all, and I never had any issue with shortness of breath.

I think March 28 or 29 was the last day my cough was really there, and the foul taste left my mouth and my tastebuds went fucking haywire oversensitive for a full day. Like, I was feeling nauseous because the inside of my own mouth was tasting too strong. Then when that died down I got a bitter metallic taste in my mouth for maybe a day, and then my sense of taste was normal again.

So at that point, my eyes are still kind of fucked and I still can’t smell anything, but whatever, covid beaten. That wasn’t too awful.

April 2, I started getting lightheaded, and over the next couple days that gradually gets stronger and I start feeling weak all over. I don’t really know a good way to describe it other than weakness, it’s like all my muscles are drained at once. Not really centralized anywhere, but a little more noticable in all four limbs and in my chest. When I realize this isn’t going away I get scared and go to a hospital for the first time in my life. After a couple hours I get discharged because they find nothing wrong.

The next day it’s still there and I call my gp. Can’t come in because I’ve just recovered. They prescribe stuff over the phone that doesn’t help. At this point, I still haven’t seen any news that covid can cause long-term symptoms and I feel terrified. Because I’m scared, I admittedly call my doctor more than I should about the medicine not working. When they finally let me back in, the very first thing they do is give me a psychiatric profile where they ask me questions like if I ever hear voices other people can’t hear. I totally feel like a lunatic, in addition to feeling awful physically.

Decide to switch doctors, do tons of tests. Everything turns up like I’m healthy and the new doctor slowly concludes it’s 100% an anxiety problem. My eyes still feel infected, diagnosed as allergies. Go through increasingly strong allergy drops which don’t help, eventually I stop pressing on this because it’s going nowhere.

The symptoms have changed to waxing and waning, where I go through good weeks where I feel amost normal and bad weeks where I feel awful. I also have weird issues with numbness - my limbs fall asleep really easily and sometimes take a while to recover. Smell is starting to come back, in that now I can tell when there is a strong smell, but not distinguish.

Switch doctors again and I am definitely a crazy person, and in my (physically) good moments I question whether I’ve imagined the entire experience.

So tonight I’m typing this up while lightheaded and feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck, and my eyes are visibly red. The past three weeks have been bad. I don’t feel confident I’m sane, and I don’t have much optimism for this getting resolved anytime soon.

tl;dr I’ve had a bad time with it.

I contributed 0% of the K-theory stuff (section 6), and probably 80% of the rest of the paper. Theorem 4.4 was the hard one.

Is permanently dead?
My pod has been giving me a "502 Bad Gateway" error for a few days now. Does anyone know a way to find out if they're gone for good? My account on the pod was like three years old with a ton of posts, so I don't want to make a new one if I don't have to. EDIT: Just came back online as of October 29.
Is permanently dead?