Friend Ship
35/M/India -- Looking for online friends over free/open IM networks

I’m running my own XMPP server, and Matrix homeserver for couple of years now. And all of my contacts on those networks are all from the FOSS communities I participate in, so they are not quite the friends, as in can’t call them when I’m having a crisis in life, although I’m sure (or so I hope) they…

33/M/US - Looking to chat over XMPP

What I’m looking for: …

Hello beautiful soul! 🌼 My name is Luca, and I’m a 23-year-old girl from Hungary. I’m open to building a friend-ship with anyone that might vibe with me. …

Welcome on board!

This is a place where you can build a kind of ship together. Friendships take time to make, so it is only natural to be patient with your fellow sailor, if you want the ship to work. Love and passion are your raw materials and you are the builder. Make the ship look and feel the way you prefer, you are totally free. Also, since you are the builder, you two are the only ones to tell, what a ship is. If you want it to slide in the snow instead of sailing on water, make it like that. You may want to try out having no expectations, maybe during the building process it will help you experience things, you had no idea you will.

Post what kind of ship you are planning to build and wait until somebody is willing to make it with you. If you know anyone around you, who might be interested in making a friendship, offer them builders or simply this site in general. Once you are done, you can choose to be friends on a friendship, or try to build another one with someone else. In any case, in my observation, it helps if you let each other know what you are looking for, so both of you will know what exactly you are creating.

Step lively now!

This is a community in which you can let others know, that you are looking for friends or in which you can message a potential friend based on what they said about themselves. You can use the Lemmy DM’s or provide additional information about where people could message you. Tip: Matrix username can be set in profile settings.

A sister Matrix group has been created for people looking for an approach that is different to establishing friendships. Those looking for a group/chat experience may prefer to find friends using that method. It was created by, therefore maintained separately. Reach the mentioned group here:

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