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Sorry for getting back to you so late! I wanted to take the time to listen to the songs you’ve sent me :) I like them, I can definitely see myself dancing around the house or cleaning with this music on - or playing it myself, although I don’t play any instruments. I used to play the recorder as a kid, and I have a ukulele but I cannot play it to save my life x)

I see what you mean by simple things, I agree with you completely! I actually wouldn’t want to be making a lot of money. Of course, if I won the lottery, I would spend it on the community I and @mahnqee@lemmy.ml are making, but I would probably have less luxuries in my life than I currently do.

I have been thinking of going vegan regardless, but this challenge provides a lot of help and resources as well.

Yeah, my Tumblr is still up, although I seldom use it nowadays. My url is the same as my username here, so threepeacesoul.tumblr.com :)

Thank you for the recommendation, I will definitely check them out!

Hey! :) Thanks so much, I’m happy to be here! I’ll see if there is a vegan cooking community here on Lemmy and if not, I’ll make one, as I wouldn’t want to spam the !vegan@lemmy.ml community with my everyday meals :)

Hey! Thanks for the interest :) To be frank, I accept students that are preparing for either a language exam (B2 or C1) or a school leaving exam (sorta like SATs or GCSE) in English - therefore my formula usually works. If one student lacks certain skills, I will make sure to have plenty of tasks focused on that skill. I have a “slot” in my lesson plans for exercises the student needs.

I often misjudge my students as well, especially in the beginning. One time, however, I had a student that wasn’t improving. At all. No mater what I did. She was also faking her homework, as it was very obviously written by someone else, not her. I confronted her about it - kindly, of course, I just want the best for my students, and she’s not gonna improve by having somebody else do her homework. Since then, she has moved somewhere else and didn’t want to continue the lessons online, which I wasn’t entirely mad about, lol. What would you do in such a situation?

So cool to have you here! I also like the site you linked with your drawings, so cool that there’s an alternative for everything. I just messaged you on Element, after realising I told someone to write me there and that I should probably check the app, even though I barely use it due to my lack of foss-friends :) Talk to you there, have a nice day!

Hey Wada :) Nice to meet you. Thank you for your kind words.

Do you consider yourself a minimalist? Or what do you mean by simple things? I definitely vibe with that though :)

I don’t think I have ever heard latin rock. I used to listen to a lot of rock music as a teen, but never that particular genre. Can you recommend me some songs? :)

Hi! What a difficult language you have chosen to learn :) Why did you choose it?

I don’t really have any materials for Hungarian as a Second Language. I know Duolingo has Hungarian, but I’ve tried it and it’s pretty bad, haha. There might be some Youtube videos for basic phrases, but the grammar itself is horrible, I can’t imagine learning it lol. Although it’s a beautiful language, I love reading in Hungarian, but I never really write in it, I prefer English for writing, it comes easier.

:) I’ve been vegetarian for about a year now, but now I’m doing the Veganuary challenge, and I think I’ll stay this way afterwards, too. How did you become vegetarian?

I used to put some of my poetry on Tumblr (I spent my teenage years on that site) but now I don’t really have an outlet. I might make one in the future :)

Haha yeah, so many houses here are even older than ours. Unfortunately, people don’t take good care of them and let them rot away, even though the newer houses are way worse most of the time. This house, as the walls are made of clay and hay, has crazy good insulation, if it weren’t for the windows that are also pretty old :)

Haha, I see what you mean. :) These places have a vibe to them. But trust me, my house is probably not what you imagined when writing this comment. However, the outside bathroom does creep me out sometimes, as it used to be a stable back in the day, it just feels off, to be showering there some days.

Hi! :) It’s all a matter of comparison. Hungary is actually getting milder in the past few years with Spring and Fall lasting longer, making it a cold, muddy, foggy place. When I was a child, we had colder Winters with lots of snow - now we get maybe two days of snow every year. The ideal climate for me is someplace where the temperature doesn’t really go below 10 degrees (celsius), so someplace naturally habitable without all these made-up concepts like heating, insulation, you know :) Thanks for your question!

Hi! Nice to meet you, I checked your bio and you seem like a very cool person :) I don’t understand the technical side of FOSS to be honest, I’m here (and on Pixelfed) based on the ethical side of internet privacy. How are you doing?

Hello beautiful soul! 🌼 My name is Luca, and I’m a 23-year-old girl from Hungary. I’m open to building a friend-ship with anyone that might vibe with me. …