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Whoever would consider creating such a platform, I would like to let you know, that here is yet another person supporting the idea. :)

I understand your point of view, but I was aiming to give a vibe of myself rather than generic information. The intention of the post was to see whether there are anyone out there interested in me, allowing the other person to express themselves through me. It is a kind of interesting situation in my opinion with music. It is not possible not to hear the lyrics, and I have not met with lyrics in my life I can associate myself with or it would resemble me, so a while ago I am looking for music without lyrics. I love chillstep, I usually listen to a channel, called BLUME, but sometimes I explore other channels. I love fantasy soundtracks, I listen to Ean Grimm. I love game soundtracks from my childhood and sometimes movie soundtracks. And I may mention Russian doomer music here, because even though in cases they do have lyrics, I do not understand them. I like to listen to however the pop music of my childhood (this is a collection of music that was on TV when I was growing up). I like hip-hop, and drill too. I just would like to say something that may be obvious for you, that they are different people, and therefore I do not associate myself with them. I like what they have created, the way it sounds, but I would like to state that the lifestyle they may have or the lyrics they might write is not me. At times I wonder if I contribute to for example rapper lifestyle by listening to a song, but I always came so far to the conclusion that I will not deny what I enjoy. If my ears enjoy what they hear then I would like to enjoy it. However this thing continues to interest me, because creator and creation can not be separated, but in no way I associate myself with their lifestyle or wording they use. 🤷‍♂️

Thank you. Humanity has a collective consciousness, which they use to create global experiences. The fact that we created a world in which ‘much of the world’s population isn’t all too happy’ is something they created for themselves. All of my being is about influencing the change of the world, but I do not believe in force. I believe in freedom, in which everybody creates and experiences whatever they want and if they want to create a world in which they suffer, then so be it. I do not take their freedom away, nor do I force them to do anything. I love everyone. I do feel responsibility however over providing an alternative. I believe, that the only way in which change is able to work effectively is when people decide for themselves. I can only be an example with who I am, and therefore provide an alternative to humanity that they can choose and choose in total freedom. There is this giant rock under which billions suffer, millions die, and also millions jumping on top of, speeding up the rock’s destruction and helping gravity, while they enjoy and entertain themselves. You may look at me as someone who tries to show what movement people may try with their arms, to push this rock off of themselves, but I myself will not push it off of them, because I do not want to interfere with their freedom. They may also see, that I choose not to suffer under the rock and I climbed out from under it. If this would interest them, I am there to tell them why and how I did it, but until such interest shows up, again I do not interfere with their freedom. I believe I am aware of what you mentioned, I am aware that people are not all happy. Whenever/if they choose to change the world/evolve as a species, there will be somebody with open arms, offering the solution to them. Thank you for appreciating my intentions in relation to Friend Ship. No wonder they would share negative feelings, we are actively and aggressively kill everything that gives the slightest amount of joy to us. I am all ears for those with the desire of sharing their negative feelings.

Thank you for your wish, I am myself hopeful too, so far nobody let me know their interest in trying to be friends. I am thankful with all my heart for the souls around me, I am still alive because of them, nonetheless you may understand or be able to imagine that our interests vary, we are two different personality. She has the opportunity to be around friends, because there are people who is interested in her kind personality, but I do not. The activities or topics I am interested in happen to be activities I am alone with, this is why I would prefer to experience company, because I was not able to share these interests so far in this life.

Humanity got distant from itself. In favor of giant cities, we got rid of family roots, communities. More people in cities, but these people feel no responsibility for their communities. No elders to visit with your problems. People created small cubicles to live in, each of them separate from the other, choose to live in climates in which without these cubicles, they otherwise would not be fit to live in. Cold keeps people in their houses, where they interestingly only present when they get home from their work, spending 3/4 of the day in totally unnatural circumstances and they get home, the soul is not present since a long time ago at this point, physically tired and forced to worry about their responsibilities. This worrying, on top of what they experienced during the day (mostly things, they are sad, frustrated about) creates a person that is unapproachable or in numerous scenarios, they themselves are the ones who push the approaching company away. Their partner is doing the same thing. If they have a child living in the same household, the child grows up in total abandonment, without love/time, forced to leave it’s parents daily to go to a place where they make him/her/them try to fit into the same mindless system and when the child gets home, parents who are themselves children, not knowing anything about life, not knowing who they are, unfit to guide a soul, tells the child whatever they were told by their parents, who themselves learned things from their parents. The cycle continues. This brings me to the elders, who got thrown away totally. Society takes away their powers, and they get blamed for being a burden, financially and on a society level. They are blamed for not being active in the social life, but society is the one who does not let them do so. The program/project of raising the children would be the natural role they would thrive in other then obviously all the life experiences they are able to give. Our society is now only made up of individuals, and not groups. The younger and totally individualized society has lost it’s roots that supplies life. Without them more and more people are poor in spirit and emotion. And people ignore all this. They are deaf and blind with their soul. People commend a lifestyle of holding back their emotions. One of the signs of a primitive society is that it views regression as progression, our society is like this. It is not good-bad, simply factual, primitive is only a statement that something is at the beginning of it’s evolution. It might ‘sound’ bad, nonetheless that is only added to it by people. I love everyone, this is not prejudice it is only the statement of what is.

We continue to choose to raise cities and live in them, despite knowing that it destroys the human lifestyle, plus they are proud of this. People think in my observation that cities solve their problems, what I see is that it creates them. Humanity views the city’s offerings like services, jobs, entertainment places as valuable, not realising it hurts them. (According to them, it’s not me judging.) The situation is the same with nations. People created nations for survival and safety reasons, and they get the exact opposite in return.

Performance is our god, crippling most, killing millions either by their own hand or by not having the functional minimum. (Water, food, air.)

That bicycle meme pops into my mind, when the guy puts the stick in between the rungs and falls over blaming whatever the meme is about. We are the ones who created and maintain every human creation and illusion, we are the ones who can choose to stop it.

I might got a bit sidetracked, but I believe these things are connected, excuse me for the long answer. Most of our decisions is with the intent of isolating ourselves. Let’s live in cubicles, let’s leave our parents/community when we reach age 18. Let’s not spend time with those people ever again, nor the family, community, childhood friends, classmates, and move one being an individual. Let’s fall in love with somebody who we will choose to not spend time with and years or months later choose to be alone again, blaming the other that this relationship does not work or let’s bring a soul onto this planet, who has extremely high chance of growing up alone, both in the household and in society and when all this leads millions into suicide, let’s just ignore it. Ignore the system, ignore that it is our creation, ignore the people who are alone and isolated and ignore the ones who choose to not to continue this journey, because society has managed to show nothing to them, that would make their soul wanting to keep their bodies alive and continue with this beautiful experience. Not just that, blame them and put all responsibility over their shoulders, since they are already dead.

Why are we isolated? Because we choose to be, we like it this way apparently.

Me and Luca is in the creation of a community, if you feel interest, let us know, ask about it, I may offer you reading about this plan on the FA Wordsmith profile, which I believe I pasted a few comments below.

Thank you for the kind words about expectations, but I kindly let you know, that it is a decision. Expectations ruin people’s lives. If you want guarantees in life, you don’t want life itself.

Sending love your way.

💛 Just thank you kind soul. 🙏 I understand why you feel that living here has preserved us, but if I would phrase it, I would say, it allowed us the calmness to focus on ourselves and remember who we are. This is only our 3rd year here, we lived in cities too. You may observe the very same things if you would spend a day here, people are living in the same illusions in almost all places, so I believe that would show no difference. I think being in nature no matter where has this calming effect and the rest is just a choice, you decide in every second who you are, and who you want to be, we are just ourselves. I appreciate you and I am thankful for you writing this down. :)

I am full of joy, that I created something, you enjoyed. Thank you for the kind words, I am speechless, just here, a heart emoji, take this: 💛

Also, just because you mentioned: I only managed to put up one post so far (motivation), nonetheless I have a vision, I call Forever Adventure, which is on Wordsmith, but I plan to share more of what I touched briefly in this Friend Ship post, my beliefs. If you would like to read into it, you can do so here: https://wordsmith.social/nappe/

Again, thank you.

Thank you, but by saying such nice words, it acts like a mirror and shows that you are a kind soul and allows me to feel the very same thing: that that was very nice to read. I do not know what the day will be like, but waking up to this right now, for sure will help me pull up a smile during the day for no reason at all. Thank you again.

Yes, I just choose to avoid using ‘my girlfriend’, because she is not mine and I would describe her with the words soulmate, comrade, or just stating that we are two souls living together, same with the dog and the cat. I do not own them, we just choose to live together, we are all free here, in terms of this. :)

Currently I am, but I will be choosing to be vegan after we (now only I) have went through all the food that is still in the house. (We live in a village and we buy things rarely and in big portion, so there are still things that is on the shelves, that I choose to eat one last time, so that the food is not wasted, but not going to buy again, if that makes sense.) So this is the ‘final’ transition period, I believe. :)

Lemmy offers messages as far as I know, just click on the profile, the option was there for me. However thank you for your opinion, because I will put an extra advice into the community’s info that: they can use lemmy DM’s to message each others or the poster may provide extra options to be messaged at, like email or matrix etc. Thank you! ☺

Try to play with the thought, that many people are feeling like this here, it might give you encouragement to reach out. Don’t think you don’t deserve the support of a friend just because you think you are different. Passion (interest) in each other lets you to experience friendship even if your tastes are totally different. Friendship is based on love, not interest, those built on interest and ‘trading’ (you give me this, I give you that in exchange), understandably are friendships that is quite likely will not be long lasting. Also, in my opinion you don’t have to make anything work, nor do you have to make a friendship work. Of course build the ship together, but if you feel the need to keep a friendship alive, then maybe let each other go and look for a new sailor. :)