First, here is my face.

My name is Travis. I’m 28 years old, I live in Kansas, I’m a free software advocate (and of course a total nerd in many other ways) and I need new friends. I’m a social worker, a coffee addict, a leftist (but not a wokie), and somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades (and master of none.) I’m capable of associating with people even when we don’t agree on everything (though we should be on the same page about things like the shape of the planet, the validity of vaccines, the importance of the scientific method, etc etc) and I’m open to conversation about any topic, really.

My interests are wide and varied, but I’m really into video games, movies, music, free software, anime, and other nerdy things. My favorite games include (but are not limited to, Age of Empires, Zelda, Civilization, Dark Souls, Okami, Final Fantasy, and lots of little indie games. I game on Switch and PC (Steam). As far as music goes, I tend to gravitate toward electronic music, folk music, world music, and just lots of weird stuff, really. Some of my favorite movies are Pan’s Labyrinth, Kill Bill, The Lord of the Rings (I’m a HUGE Tolkien nerd too), Princess Mononoke, etc.

I play guitar, flute, ocarina, a few other instruments, and I sing. You can listen to some of my music here. I also kind of draw and write, occasionally. I’m constantly making things, even when they aren’t very good.

I am also nostalgic wistful sadness personified. I’m almost constantly pining for the 2000s in particular. My nostalgia can be crippling but it’s a big part of who I am so I’m not sure if I’d even like to change it.

I keep a blog here that you can follow/read for updates and thoughts. You can even subscribe via RSS if you don’t have WordPress!

If you’d like to chat, you can DM me for my info. I chat on Telegram (@Skaalgard) and Matrix ( primarily. You can also email me.


Hi Travis,

You say “we should be on the same page about things like the shape of the planet” does that mean you’ve ever met someone who didn’t? Oh wait, I forgot that Flat Earthers exist.

I’m constantly making things even when they aren’t very good.

That’s the first step to getting good (or at least faster) at it. :)

I am also nostalgic wistful sadness personified

You and lots of others. The dream of always living in a change-less time is quite common, sadly Time will have none of that and there’s so much wrong in the World.

Travis Skaalgard

Obviously things have to change, I’m just disappointed with how things have unfolded. This isn’t the future I imagined, lol.


Well, Back to the Future was clearly in a different dimension (flying cars in 2015, woo), sadly greed seems to be overtaking the World.

So cool to have you here! I also like the site you linked with your drawings, so cool that there’s an alternative for everything. I just messaged you on Element, after realising I told someone to write me there and that I should probably check the app, even though I barely use it due to my lack of foss-friends :) Talk to you there, have a nice day!


thanks for sharing.

i find your art very interesting. there are elements to each piece that are dynamic but that flow is halted. at first it seemed like it represented trying to find a way to block unwanted change, but after studying it further it seems the obstacle is the external force, not the movement

i find that i am increasingly more nostalgic for the earlier days of the web. and though i do not miss 2000s music, i do like your take on scarborough fair :)

Travis Skaalgard

Thanks! A lot of my art comes from my frustration with my own inability to make good art, lol. I figured I’d channel that for some artistic energy.

Sent you a DM


I sent you an invite on Matrix. I have XMPP too and various other things, so let me know if you get on a platform.


Hiya Travis!

I think its so cool that you’re a social worker. I know it can be hard, but you help out a lot of people.

OMG I loved Okami! I played it when it was released for the PS3, it was such a breathtaking game with beautiful music and visuals. Also can’t believe I like all those movies you’ve listed.

That bit about nostalgic sadness… I think I sorta understand. For example, I’ll be carrying out my day and then notice the sunset, or some other arbitrary thing, and then I’ll just have no more energy and that crippling sadness you refer to. It honestly annoys me because I feel like I have tasks left to do but now that I noticed that particular thing I no longer have the energy to do so.

Anyways, glad to have you in the community c:

Travis Skaalgard

I’m pretty sure the original version came out for the PS2, actually :p

And yeah, it’s usually smells, music, even certain color schemes can remind me of the old internet and/or the 2000s in general and I get really nostalgic and sad, lmao.

And thanks :)


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You should’ve used “incels” instead of "weaboos ", I know they’re similar but we are talking about sex here, not Japan


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Travis Skaalgard

Steam name is Skaalgard.

Welcome on board!

This is a place where you can build a kind of ship together. Friendships take time to make, so it is only natural to be patient with your fellow sailor, if you want the ship to work. Love and passion are your raw materials and you are the builder. Make the ship look and feel the way you prefer, you are totally free. Also, since you are the builder, you two are the only ones to tell, what a ship is. If you want it to slide in the snow instead of sailing on water, make it like that. You may want to try out having no expectations, maybe during the building process it will help you experience things, you had no idea you will.

Post what kind of ship you are planning to build and wait until somebody is willing to make it with you. If you know anyone around you, who might be interested in making a friendship, offer them builders or simply this site in general. Once you are done, you can choose to be friends on a friendship, or try to build another one with someone else. In any case, in my observation, it helps if you let each other know what you are looking for, so both of you will know what exactly you are creating.

Step lively now!

This is a community in which you can let others know, that you are looking for friends or in which you can message a potential friend based on what they said about themselves. You can use the Lemmy DM’s or provide additional information about where people could message you. Tip: Matrix username can be set in profile settings.

A sister Matrix group has been created for people looking for an approach that is different to establishing friendships. Those looking for a group/chat experience may prefer to find friends using that method. It was created by, therefore maintained separately. Reach the mentioned group here:

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