Apart from normal editors such as LibreOffice or Word, do you use programs specifically designed to keep track of the characters, places and chapters of your novels or stories? I have never felt the need. I have found [OmniaWrite](https://www.omniawrite.com/), for example, but I have not tried it yet. Does anyone use it or similar ones? Does it really help?

Do you use something like #git to you house your writing locally? Is it all typed up with a typewriter, or is it all in loose leafs of paper?

[Experimental Writing] Human Error(s) at core, Bug fix alternative.(Issue)
If a human was a machine, How I function is I'd [1]generate random text of information relating current and past events, or imaginary events (thoughts). Then [2]frequently dump them to RAM. [3]Append more information relating to it, and later on I would [4]move it to SWAP memory when I needed more RAM, then automatically through the [5]process of corrupting and removal of information that has not been accessed. This is some of the basic process framework, when every part of the brain function normally. It would be a useful tool for humans to have a logfile around the process [2] and [3]. You would have access to the initial data, commits, and the written file itself. So at stage [5] we wouldn't need to worry because we already stored a copy of the data loss. +++++ git issue (PersistentLogfile-diff-rc0.0-1) git::/git.com/ghvsty/Brain-Microchip-LogfileDump ::: spoiler DEFINITIONS: core= the brain without any extentions(external/internal devices, connectors, microchips). RAW (data)= the data generated from core. Without any interferance nor changes from any converter/filter. Converter (Internal Device)= A small bridge between signal transfers within core. It changes one information to another. Filter (Internal Device)= A small bridge between signal transfers within core. It stops certain data from travelling, in a few process the core will forget the memory ever existed. Connectors= A synthetic, microscopic, machine-made substitite for a damaged part of core. :::

cross-posted from: https://fapsi.be/post/1268 > An exciting webinar is coming up at 6pm EST on Aug 18. > ReneeChristian and M.N. Kee are going to talk about using roleplaying to cowrite. > > You can sign up here https://forms.gle/YCHrtRh9qqzkkLaM8 and a link will be sent before the event starts.

A Hexagonal Slab Of Wood is a book written by fictional Baishu player Raokji Cîang, in which he talks about how he came to know the game of Baishu after escaping from his town in Hrastaiqua, and how he came to see the magic in it while learning strategies to make the game interesting, and then to win the game competitively. I started writing this story after I showed the first version of Baishu to my friends and they liked it. I decided that I had to set it in a world of its own, where maybe it had some kind of importance in the societies in which it's present. It's not finished yet, but I hope it's a good read!

My thoughts on an original Isekai novel
As the weeb I am, I read a lot of manga and light novels, more speciffically; Isekai [other world] Many of them seem to be very similar in plot: I died got reincanated/was summoned to another world, then s#!t went down and now I'm OP. I want to rectify this by suggesting an alternative plot; a mage/sorcerer is mocking about with/researching spacial distortion magic and tears the spacetime continuum/teleports geting isekai'd to modern day giving way to two bossibilities: 1) a slice of life as the mage is adjusting to modern day life or 2) an Epic about how a man was researching sorcery and is now trying to incorporate science into his research advancing lightyears ahead and subsequently becoming a demiurge

My screenplay idea for a horror movie titled “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt”
Synopsis: Our hero John ventures into an attic, where he finds a dusty old photo of the villain. “Oh my god”, John exclaims. “His name is my name too.”

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Ive watched the Night Mind video on it, is it worth getting a physical copy, or just get a digital one?

House of Teleyal
The House of Teleyal is a small hobby project on my part. It is the story of the main character [Naldela Isur'Ra Teleyal](https://teleyal.blog/characters/naldela-isurra-teleyal?mtm_campaign=ad&mtm_medium=description&mtm_source=Fapsi&mtm_content=sidebar), who gets involved in many adventures after her mother's death. [Nimri](https://teleyal.blog/characters/other-characters/nimri?mtm_campaign=ad&mtm_medium=description&mtm_source=Fapsi&mtm_content=sidebar), the little blue lizard, was picked up by Naldela and is also the mascot.

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