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With the activation of the WAF, the domains mentioned here are excluded from all services offered by bka.li.

Web Application Firewall on bka.li
Due to increased spam, hate speech, misinformation, and so on, BKA.li has now globally activated a so-called Web Application Firewall (WAF), on any server we manage, for personal protection and to avoid legal conflicts as far as possible. In addition to the standard Script kiddie attacks, the firewall makes use of publicly available files on my Gitea instance at [code.bka.li](https://code.bka.li/BKA.li/useful_files/src/branch/master/Webserver). The most basic settings, as well as many fine adjustments, were already made, but it can still happen that the WAF affects the trouble-free operation. Therefore, if you notice any issues the WAF might cause, I would like to ask you to either create a ticket at [support.bka.li](https://support.bka.li/), or send a mail to support@bka.li.

Any books where an ancap nation protects itself from international law by having nukes?
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Tarsakh 12, 1362 DR
The last few days, we spent a lot of time discussing what that elf from the village might have meant with ›special staff‹. At Miara's suggestion, we went to Baldur's Gate to meet a scholar or two there who could know more about it. From there, we would be able to take a ship to Luskan. It didn't take long to pass the gates of Baldur's Gate. It was a massive city. A metropolis where the streets were filled with activities of many cultures, and no one seemed to notice us except [...]

Due to a malfunction during the upgrade process for the operating system, parts of the system were corrupted and are currently causing minor interruptions of bka.li's services. Functionality has been recovered for the most parts, but a reinstallation of the proxy server is still outstanding, which will cause a longer outage of various services, such as fapsi.be. No data loss was detected, and we expect normal operation again after reinstalling the proxy.

Shutdown for Sengi, Rocket.Chat and Polls
We are shutting down following services at the end of the week: * https://sengi.bka.li/ * https://chat.bka.li/ * https://polls.bka.li/ * https://halcyon.bka.li/ Reasons are almost same as on [https://fapsi.be/post/79063](https://fapsi.be/post/79063). But also because those mentioned they worsen my health to the level where I can barely get enough energy to maintain the services as they need, due to almost constant bullying and stalking (online as well as offline) from the mentioned persons and their “friends”.

🤣 such an amazing idea. I love it.

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Tarsakh 3, 1362 DR
We stayed in the village for a while and rested so far. Sanise helped out at the tavern and Ykril at the local woodcutter to improve our financial situation. Miara and I, on the other hand, kept a low profile. We were lucky that the tavern owner didn't throw us out when he found out that Drow were staying in his rooms. »Are you out of your fucking marbles?« Miara immediately rebelled as I walked toward the door. »I must get out of this room before I go nuts.« I sigh [...]

Tor Relay nodes 2 and 3 are now offline too.

Yes :)
You can click into the title to see the full entry ;)

Ches 30, 1362 DR - Claudia Crane POV
I woke up leaning on a wall in a pool of blood. A throbbing pain went through my chest, starting out from my left arm. As I tried to reach for it, I became aware again of what had happened. But what I never had expected was that my injury had been bound up. [...]

Shutting down the Tor-Relays
After almost 4 years of running, I'm taking my Tor-Relays offline. Reasons for this step have been piling up since October 2020, so I will now discontinue it. https://nsa.li/5XVagGuN and https://fapsi.be/post/10597 have played a big role in my decision. Since those mentioned there don't give a fuck about privacy and share private and personal information of mine at will, I can't keep it in my good conscience any more by providing a structure for privacy and anonymity with my limited resources. A relaunch of the service is not planned.

cross-posted from: https://fapsi.be/post/64476 > Found this little helper today, tried it, and I'm really happy. Finally, I can write with Markdown and still have an overview of plot, characters, notes, …

Found this little helper today, tried it, and I'm really happy. Finally, I can write with Markdown and still have an overview of plot, characters, notes, …

[Updated] Terms of Service
We have updated our TOS § 7 Copyright and Database rights to make clear, that content included in or provided or served through any BKA.li service will remain with the respective owner.