If a human was a machine, How I function is I’d [1]generate random text of information relating current and past events, or imaginary events (thoughts). Then [2]frequently dump them to RAM. [3]Append more information relating to it, and later on I would [4]move it to SWAP memory when I needed more RAM, then automatically through the [5]process of corrupting and removal of information that has not been accessed.

This is some of the basic process framework, when every part of the brain function normally.

It would be a useful tool for humans to have a logfile around the process [2] and [3]. You would have access to the initial data, commits, and the written file itself.

So at stage [5] we wouldn’t need to worry because we already stored a copy of the data loss.

+++++ git issue (PersistentLogfile-diff-rc0.0-1) git::/git.com/ghvsty/Brain-Microchip-LogfileDump


core= the brain without any extentions(external/internal devices, connectors, microchips).

RAW (data)= the data generated from core. Without any interferance nor changes from any converter/filter.

Converter (Internal Device)= A small bridge between signal transfers within core. It changes one information to another.

Filter (Internal Device)= A small bridge between signal transfers within core. It stops certain data from travelling, in a few process the core will forget the memory ever existed.

Connectors= A synthetic, microscopic, machine-made substitite for a damaged part of core.

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