Why am I here? Why not.

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How do I start learning a language?

if any of you are language learners, I’m asking some kind of guidance or advice for a newbie here…

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Ah, I see you’re a man of naked as well.

[Experimental Writing] Human Error(s) at core, Bug fix alternative.(Issue)

If a human was a machine, How I function is I’d [1]generate random text of information relating current and past events, or imaginary events (thoughts). Then [2]frequently dump them to RAM. [3]Append more information relating to it, and later on I would [4]move it to SWAP memory when I needed more R…

That was not bad at all, keep it up.

That’s great to hear chief. Let’s all do what we can.

I used to make everybody in my friend group paranoid. I told everything happening currently and what would happen in the future with the world, then after being the embodiment of anxiety I tell them how to avoid it. Apparently I’m very convincing, they agreed that this was scary, and they’re willing to use matrix to speak with me.

since I my deepest fears when I was little was being watched. I thought about this alot, and I kept searching about privacy on the internet, at one point I couldn’t sleep because of intel management engine on my thinkpad. I’m well informed about these stuff.

However, my friends are ambitious people that feel importance in themselves. Those kinds of people are smarter and willing to do what they can to better their chances at life. The more a person don’t care about themselves, the harder it is. (it may be also that It’s a coping mechanism)

I improved my speaking skills since I’ve gone through trial and error. I think there’s no other way to truly learn convincing people other than trying to do it first-hand.

There is a youtube channel called charisma on command. You can feel alot less pressure knowing a thing or two about charisma.

On lemmy I could not resist posting something since my brain thinks It’s thoughts are very important for others to hear.

How are you able to comment on a deleted post?

Anyway thanks for your effort in making this great comment, this does answer all of my possible qiestion. I was wondering about that because I did something very weird with my friend on camera.

Right on. I don’t know if people here have that kind of mindset of what lemmy is represented by, if that’s the case it isn’t great then. However I don’t think that attitude is necessarily bad either, building a good foundation for a community is great for the long run. With any kind of attitude what the community is about is still undeniably defined by the users there.

They could definitely have a cute little a LemmyBot DMing them that guide.

I’ve seen comments about devs being busy implementing other stuff, so I was thinking if people can have a wiki hosted elsewhere maybe on github or just make lemmy posts and chain-link them together.

Some of the ideas seem more of a burden to the community mod e.g. setting up a matrix server (and modding that too). But then again you already wrote that that is optional.

Typo: I meant chatroom, that’s kinda unnecessary

Good communities

(I’m having a headache currently so, I hope you don’t mind some garbly sentences.) …

SL is ironclad; open source, and with a good security practice and privacy policy. I’ll use this too.

Ctemplar seems pretty good, however I’ll investigate more into it, after searching around I think the server isn’t entirely open-source, I can’t tell for now.

Thanks for sharing.

Don’t be harsh on yourself just because you tried. The fact that you did means you haven’t given up yet. All this effort means something. So, keep it up.

“Clean your room, Sort yourself out.”

-Sun Tzu, Art of War

Hey Lemmy, what's your way of organizing life?

I’m still using an old fashioned paper and pencil…

I guess that makes sense, but at least I want that I’m the one controlling what I show on my account, not giving up extra unnecessary PII

I’d like to think tor is just a precaution, like signing up for an email as a whistleblower, you’d like to have your location more hidden.

Woah I never even heard of this, no one has ever talked about it? anyway thanks, I’ll use this.

Voice calls and Video calls, Is it e2ee?

just wanna be aware, since I do calls alot…

XMPP is more safe, I can’t remember what exactly but I remember the whole XMPP vs Matrix thing, and matrix has this metadata problem, that spreads like a literal virus; instead of exchanging individual messages- entire chats while encrypted is stored in each server you federate. in regards to privacy Matrix isn’t the best. on top of that most people sign up matrix on so that’s a huge chunk of metadata.

However, your family and friends are sometimes boomers when it comes to signing up for xmpp. so what I’d do is use both and spoonfeed them every step of the way to use xmpp. I’d like to make an easy guide for xmpp one day.

Is fediverse safe, or should I use tor with it?

I can understand using tor on random websites, since you can’t tell which is tracking you. …

We’re the same height!

Thanks, though I prefer doing it with multiple domains/service. I’ll look into it.

A question about communism

I rarely read. But I know the basics about the ideology, just not about how to live as one. At the moment I try my best not to make other people suffer as a consequence of my personal actions. …


[Queston][Discussion] Is youtube accepetable for privacy?

It’s 2021 and the virus situation hasn’t ended when even some people speculated that thing is gonna end at x month. though it doesn’t (f-word)ing matter much since I don’t go outside my room much let alone actually walking around outside and touching grass like a real human being. other than that I’…