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I don’t have time to watch the video now, but might later tonight. Was curious though if you have heard of Kevin Muir? He’s an old institutional trader from RBC and then hedge funds. He got into to MMT, despite being a gold fan and a generally principled trader. Thanks for sharing, hope to catch it later.

Way to go 9.0, it’s wrapping now.

Most of that seems whiny and one-sided but I admire they back up the donations complaint

We don’t accept any form of financial donations or sponsorship, allowing us to remain 100% independent and self-funded.

Donations are not bad when done correctly and for all I know they are backed by some special interest but I appreciate the lack of hypocrisy in this regard.

A poorly explained update to its terms of service has pushed WhatsApp users to adopt alternative services

This language has appeared in many articles. Perhaps the poorly explained part is that the damage was already done around 2016 in terms of linking phone number to FB advertising platform

I would agree. I use Pass but I’m just barely pgp literate enough to make it work across all devices.

BW is open source, viewable here:

edit: I wasn’t aware of a microsoft dependency… shows I shouldn’t make recommendations on hearsay

here is an update in their github issue for adding a non-MS option

This is on our product roadmap for work by our team in 2021. PostgreSQL as alternate database provider

As someone who’s family came through Canada, I’ve always been self-conscious about the term and usually use the more awkward from US, but I think a campaign would be stupid and would likely end up with some PR marketing agency brand. Just call it what you want.

Well one thing is certain, not doing anything about it (Like the simple workaround below) will mean death to the 32 bit Chromim based platforms, for which there is a huge user base. So… Good news for Firefox, yes?

This reminded me of a conclusion I reached in:

“Google wants to do away with third-party cookies and replace it with something worse”

if you’re in Chrome you’ll be signed in to Chrome across all your devices I would assume. wouldn’t it be convenient if Google doesn’t fund mozilla in 2022 and the only safe browsers left are Chrome and Safari.

I need to think about how they might be related

I don’t like to be political because it’s basically two wings of same wretched bird but this new admin is composed of grade A fisa mocksters, so I don’t see the trend reversing.

Open Access at The Met

On February 7, 2017, The Met made all images of public-domain works in its collection available under Creative Commons Zero (CC0).

DIA says that its “personnel can only query the US location database when authorized through a specific process” that requires approval from senior leadership,


I expect that providers like Ecosia and DDG will find it harder to survive with this law in place than google will (they have less negotiating power and less money for lawyers than google and bing).

Ecosia is not a search engine, its a bing front end that skims ad revenue.

it seems pretty googlely on the face of it but that isn’t everything in and of itself

iPhone $ dig rightdao. com ANY

rightdao. com. IN ANY

;; ANSWER SECTION: rightdao. com. 300 IN TXT “v=spf1 a ~all”

rightdao. com. 3600 IN MX 20 com.

rightdao. com. 3600 IN MX 5 com.

rightdao. com. 3600 IN MX 40

it’s a good question, I don’t know if any of the great minds of search have tried to do something decentralised and what kind of pushback it might receive from the search cartel. It seems like ipfs and peertube might be some fertile grounds for researching it further.

That reminds me, when is Facebook leaving the EU?

same theatrics from goggle

Silva denies that her statement was a threat. “It’s a reality,” she said, clarifying that pulling Search in the country is the “worst case scenario.”

education on energy use, better renewable energy sources, and forbidding people from doing things like mining cryptocurrency

Hopefully, but how do you avoid a household running A/C, the dryer, washer, etc even some amount more that seems reasonable but on aggregate is a major burden? It would be ironic to me if magic free energy machines made water and freon more expensive.

My question was sparked by wondering if I should wait to run the washing machine until I have a bigger load and momentarily thought it would be nice to not worry about it, but then realised it’s not just the electricity but the water too. So I now it’s unclear to me how to govern use if not through artificial scarcity.

If a given free, clean energy was piped into your city and home, how would you use it?

Knowing that this would likely put a strain on other resources such as water and create light pollution, I am not sure what effects this would have on the planet. …

solid report.

in terms of the trust and reputation systems discussion, I fall into the cynical camp and don’t like the idea of building a durable profile for analytic purposes.

this economic disincentives idea seems appealing and would like to read more about it

another way to prevent spam and unwanted content is to make it computationally or financially expensive to produce.

It seems like the military industrial complex won’t be satisfied until every public office has a personal armoured surveillance swat vehicle with subsidies and training from federal agencies.

a frightening reminder of how technology originally developed for use by the military or intelligence services, ranging from blast-armored trucks designed for use in war zones to invasive surveillance tools, keeps trickling down to domestic police and even the institutions where our kids go to learn.

The Gizmodo reporters found some school districts that had spent up to $12,000 on the tech, which was designed for use in war zones

In March 2020, the North East Independent School District, a largely Hispanic district north of San Antonio, wrote a check to Cellebrite for $6,695 for “General Supplies.”

I am also curious about this, another case could be if the mod deletes their account. I wonder if there should be a captched request mod function which auto accepts if no response is given in 72 or 120 hours. Another option obviously is to create birders or birdlife but that might not be the first thought for new bird enthusiasts.

A software round-up blog post for recent releases was recently linked in the linux sub and it was refreshing to see “other general info, background info” placed in the last paragraphs. …

What language are you thinking in when reading Lemmy?

For example, I know a tiny bit of French from school, and when I read something like: “Le Brexit, une longue et difficile séparation”, I automatically translate it to English. For non-native English speakers, are you translating Lemmy into another language to think or do think in multiple languages?..

Ungoogled Chromium on flathub

This might not be an official version or a true “degoogle”, but, as a firefox user who needs to use chromium from time to time, was happy to see an apparently maintained version that can run on rhel. …

Links not wrapping

On mobile ios some links are not wrapping and are blowing out the width of the page (see attached). If you want me to open an issue in ui let me know but this is probably stupid safari. …

oklinks - a meta-agreggator of popular link sharing sites

I tried an install today and the setup and federation is amazing. seeing that first remote search result pop in was a thrill. …

We can do better than DuckDuckGo

It’s not open source. Almost all of DDG’s software is proprietary, and they’ve demonstrated gross incompetence in privacy in what little software they have made open source. Who knows what else is going on in the proprietary code? …

Safari appears not to accept new CSP on iphone ios

Since the new CSP (great work btw) I have not been able to connect on iOS and was able to do a free cross-browser test on lambdatest dot com. It shows that the websocket api does not show in the CSP directive (see attached screenshots). It basically looks like you would need to modify the connect-sr…

Sending account details in mass email

Is it just me or is it inappropriate to send users’ account details in the subject and body of a mass email? …

Cover Your Tracks (EFF)

Performs an online test of your browser “to see how well you are protected from tracking and fingerprinting”. …

How to stop Firefox from making automatic connections | Firefox Help

Good information if you are “concerned about the connections Firefox makes to the Internet, especially when those connections are made for no apparent reason”. …

“For a lot of those roles, there’s this idea of being ‘quantum aware’ that’s highly desirable,” said Ben Zwickl, an RIT associate professor, in a statement. "The companies told us that many positions don’t need to have deep expertise, but students could really benefit from a one- or two-semester i…

Dileep George and his colleagues suggest that solving CAPTCHAs in a flexible and data-efficient way would be a good sign that an AI algorithm can solve multiple tasks and is getting us closer to the ultimate goal of AGI. …

FreeTube on flathub

Looking around flathub, frretube popped up so I decided to give it another try after a lacklustre first go of it last year. Looking much better and dig the flatpak option. …

npm 7.0.0. will not be marked as latest; your workflows will not get npm v7.0.0 by default unless you opt in by running npm install -g npm@7 or install Node.js 15…