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List of things to put in my bio:

  • Calisthenics disciple
  • Linux user
  • CLI master-race
  • DERO enthusiast
  • Voracious reader
  • Prolific writer
  • Business owner
  • Real Estate agent
  • Great father
  • Decent husband



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Thank you for sharing this.

Have you heard of

On the left is my childhood, on the right is my adulthood. In the middle is every one I laugh at.


This was a fun watch.

There is obviously a place for acting under another name. Think: Batman v. Bruce Wayne.

In the case of investments, investors get what they pay for. And if that means that they invested in something without knowing who its creator is, or knowing them as pseudo… well, do they need to know their real identity? My arguement is no, they do not. Otherwise, if identity was a factor in their involvement, they wouldn’t have done so.

Obviously this is some tongue in cheek humor, but I hope that you understand why you will never make it.

I really enjoy #writing for my #blog. I am often suprised by how much joy comes from such a simple practice. The audio recording of me reading is my favorite part. #podcast

8 people, everoyone got some left overs.


I have 5 type writers. Each has its own distinct character.

Drew a picture and wrote this morning. It was quite nice.

Felt like I was pretty conservative. How about you?

Laughed. Glad to see a sense of humor in those greeks. Must have been simpler times.

Do you use something like #git to you house your writing locally? Is it all typed up with a typewriter, or is it all in loose leafs of paper?

I like that I can host all of my domain specific email addresses on one platform.

In principle, email is helpful for three things:

  1. Sending information
  2. Receiving information
  3. Timestamps

When I got started using email, as long as I had those three things, I was absolutely indifferent to what platform was used.

Email maintains its convention because everyone has an email address, or anyone can make one. I am pretty sure that minors can’t obtain a cell phone. They could get an email address and then sign up for a voip before they could go to the local cellphone provider and get one.

I have tried Briar, it is too combersome a platform - but it is very powerful. Matrix is legit and massively under-rated. And signal remains the smoothest way to introduce people to encrypted communication.

As security and privacy have become more relevant to me, I have been exceptionally intrigued how developers intend to use, aside from it being P2P financial network and smart contract platform, as a messaging and email client.

Enjoyed writing this, hope you enjoy reading.