Fitness and Health

If you are looking for vegetarian food and vegan meals that are nourishing and packed with fresh, heart-friendly ingredients for your diet…

Privacy Food Tracker For iOS | Alternative To Myfitnesspal

Foodnoms is a calorie, water, caffeine, all in one food tracker. That tracks your food but not you, it requires no signup and doesn’t sell your data…

My arms, shoulder and back feel cooked after giving these a good go today. …


Your home gym (pics?)

I have an elliptical machine I use every day for cardio but with gyms closed during lockdown I’ve been limited to bodyweight exercises which I’m getting a bit bored of. …

May lockdown fitness challenges

Gyms have been closed for more than a month and I miss my weekly boxfit and HIIT classes to work up a sweat. …

Iso Recovery Goals

Not sure about everyone else here, but I’ve switched from a 4-6 gym session week and a decent eating schedule, to working from home with some home gym equipment but unfortunately cupboards and fridge full of food to graze on all day. …


Fitness and Health

    Give each other support and share their programs, progress and tips. Cardio or lifting. Sports or gymnastics we are all on a journey to improve.

    Also we have heaps of tech that help us track our fitness metrics, so feel free to discuss the tools you use.

    Everyone has a bad day now and then, just try again.

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