Likes synthwave, goth, postpunk, industrial music.

Embedded hardware developer - Python, C/C++, Typescript. Learning others along the way.

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I have totally drunk the JetBrains kool-aid since $JOB pays for the all products pack license. Regular user of Pycharm, Webstorm, CLion, and occasional user of Resharper for C# and Datagrip. Makes it easy to jump to Android Studio since it’s the same base IDE. What language should the next $job project be in? ;)


Can’t wait for your favourite artist to release a new album? OpenAI’s Jukebox has been making music “in the style of” your favourite artist. I looked up Nine In Nails and the OpenAI jukebox came up with a little diddy called “What do your nipples look like?”…

I’m going to try to get involved in some of the more complicated 4X games like Stellaris or Distant Worlds since I can sink some time into it.

“There are two main types of emails on the internet: plaintext and HTML. The former is strongly preferred…”

I would really like to fax you my reply to this post, but I remembered it’s 2020.

When is it time to upgrade? When efficiency and portability matters… My Ryzen5 laptop has enough power and battery to last the day. The previous laptop was a corei7 gaming laptop with sub 5 hour battery and weighed 4kg while the new one will get 8+ hours and is < 2kg.

USB-C charging - THIS… I can plug in a spare 20AH battery and recharge if I’m away from power for even longer or quick charge using my 65W USB-C charger, both of which can also charge my phone, tablet, etc…

Bandwidth - newer devices will have 802.11ac dual band dual antenna, up to 860Mbps or even WiFi6. They will have super fast NVME storage. Even old school 600MB/sec SSDs do not stack up against 2GB/sec NVME storage. They will have USB 3.2 Gen2 for 10Gbps bandwidth - I recently got a NVME to USB3.2 external drive, so I can transfer between old USB2 (40MB/sec), USB3 (480MB/sec) and new Gen2 devices at 980MB/sec. Unless you prefer watching progress bars…

Graphics - I was using a (very) old-but-beefy Radeon 7990 GPU from 2013 for home gaming on a PC, but when it came to encoding x265 video it could not do it. My Ryzen5 laptop with it’s built in Vega8 GPU, not a beefy GPU by any means could do hardware encoding of X265 when editing and transcoding video from my action camera.

Gaming - I even dual-boot to an M$ os so I can take my gaming to friend’s LAN parties. Sure, when in a Zerg rush it starts to get choppy… but it’s Vega8 gfx handles the games I want to play good enough.

My laptop is a Huawei Magicbook and cost me about $1k, but there are other Ryzen laptops around for reasonable $ such as Lenovo, which I recently got suggested for a friend who is also super happy with her purchase

Captain Hindsight would like a few words with BoJo

When Atlassian Hipchat shutdown/moved everyone to slack, I evaluated Matrix and Mattermost. I did prefer Matrix because of Federation, but Mattermost won out because it had more out of the box integration with our dev tooling - Jira, Gitlab, CI, etc…

I don’t think Mattermost has E2E encryption, only “encryption in transit” and “encryption at rest”, would probably make it difficult for public room search/indexing etc so maybe outside it’s use case?

difference here is i can run KDE apps on Gnome and vice versa.

I moved from a small city apartment (maybe 50sqm) to an old country house, about 240sqm. I’ve had partners here and there but mostly it’s me and my cat.

I was inspired by the Solarians from Asimov’s Foundation series - currently working on the fleets of robots to cater to my whims.

Certainly came in useful during 2020 with the pandemic and lockdowns, with the nearest neighbours being 500m away as well.

Interesting this didn’t come about until after FB starts to look at integrating the different messenger platforms with E2E encryption. “Give us a backdoor or we’ll break you up”

OK i got lost in the Eve Echoes universe for the past week or two just climbed out of the hole to check other socials.

I like that apart from the beta players we’re all about similar tech levels being early in the universe. I play on my 10in Xiaomi MiPad4 plus which is 10in and it’s a good game for that. Sometimes I also use Bluestacks on my PC because i can keep discord open in another window. So many options.

I do like that you have to pay attention in game… so many ‘strategy’ mobile games are build and wait, there always seems like things to do in this game so far.

You say asset safety, Eve developers say Garbage Collection…

I’ll keep it in mind but the game is so new at the moment I don’t think they’re doing that in the Eve Echoes universe until there’s more garbage littered around to clean up.

It’s quite thematically sound I’ve read a bunch of sci-fi where old station junk is the prize. I’ve only invested $5 for a month of one of my clones to be an Omega clone instead of Alpha, I quite like the free-to-play bits, and I’m even finally getting the scavenging and crafting things bit of the game instead of just PVE

These are all the reasons why I use Joplin, and it’s synced via my Nextcloud so notes appear on all of my devices almost instantly.

I do remember playing Even Online on PC many many years ago. I didn’t have time for it and it seemed quite complicated. Eve Echoes for mobile came out of beta last week. I’ve been playing for a few days now and quite impressed. …

Yes, and I really struggled with the electronics and RF theory until I got a decent ‘aha!’ moment with complex numbers

Gaarrrr, now to look for a bunch of pre-dumped keys and torrents! </pirate voice>

omg this list just saved me $89USD I was about to fork out for a hardware license for the VirtualDJ software I normally run to interface with the Hercules DJ control deck I just got from Amazon. Turns out the Mixxx software listed on this list supports my deck!

Excellent news. I’m going to give the P2P Riot thing a go that was mentioned near the end of the article.

I’m a bit meh on this one, I’d much prefer fewer more active communities, new posts and comments rather than 1000 communities with hundreds of them having 0-2 posts.

My arms, shoulder and back feel cooked after giving these a good go today. …

Can’t be in EU hunting down new vinyl in stores, consoling myself with online purchases on Discogs. I’m having them shipped to a friend’s parents house in EU until postage to Australia starts back up again in ernest. …

I previously posted a dark synth coding playlist, but I actually like this one better. Enjoy!..

Why is i rotated 90 degrees from the real axis? Heavy on the maths…

I love listening to the awesome and weird subjects these guys talk about during my daily commute. Now I’m work from home I have a few episodes in the backlog to catch up on…

Your home gym (pics?)

I have an elliptical machine I use every day for cardio but with gyms closed during lockdown I’ve been limited to bodyweight exercises which I’m getting a bit bored of. …

Anyone make some interesting purchases on Bandcamp today?

Bandcamp is donating 100% of their fees today to the NAACP, so today, along with the first Friday of the month I try to get my wishlist down to a managable level. …

Recently picked this up on vinyl at my local record store…

May lockdown fitness challenges

Gyms have been closed for more than a month and I miss my weekly boxfit and HIIT classes to work up a sweat. …

Iso Recovery Goals

Not sure about everyone else here, but I’ve switched from a 4-6 gym session week and a decent eating schedule, to working from home with some home gym equipment but unfortunately cupboards and fridge full of food to graze on all day. …