More info about the release:

Recent Facebook post showed a proof copy of this upcoming reissue of an cool and important 80s post-punk and electronics compilation of the time. Maybe not household-name tracks but a good sample of what the genre was coming up with.

So my problem was deciding which edition I should buy… I normally collect vinyl, the prospect of having the collection in a facsimile of it’s original cassette form also appealed to me (although I don’t have a player anymore).

Couldn’t quite justify the cost of getting all of them In the end, I decided to get the CD edition, as it has a bonus disc of extra tracks and a gorgeous 60 page earbook, because the reason I like vinyl is more so the accompanying large format artwork that comes with the music.

You can find the tracks from this on YouTube - here’s a playlist:

I’m excited to expect this in my mailbox sometime in the future!

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