Iso Recovery Goals

Not sure about everyone else here, but I’ve switched from a 4-6 gym session week and a decent eating schedule, to working from home with some home gym equipment but unfortunately cupboards and fridge full of food to graze on all day.

Snacking it turns out is my arch nemesis.

So I have about 10kg I want to drop as I fell back into some bad habits.

Kept a decent workout schedule, an hour on most days. Combination of bodyweight, elliptical and/or rowing machine, a run or a long 10km walk.

Got back on track at the start of the week and I’m down 1kg.

Anyone else got lock down fails or success stories?

Fitness and Health

    Give each other support and share their programs, progress and tips. Cardio or lifting. Sports or gymnastics we are all on a journey to improve.

    Also we have heaps of tech that help us track our fitness metrics, so feel free to discuss the tools you use.

    Everyone has a bad day now and then, just try again.

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