Your home gym (pics?)

I have an elliptical machine I use every day for cardio but with gyms closed during lockdown I’ve been limited to bodyweight exercises which I’m getting a bit bored of.

Fortunately some new stock has landed in stores in my area and I just ordered a pair of adjustable dumbells. Can’t wait for them to arrive.

Anyone else got a nice little home gym setup they want to share?


I have a budget squat rack ~$300 and 300 lbs of weights and an olympic barbell. I bought a few extra plates for good measure but it’s a great setup. I’ve been doing lvysaur 4488 for almost a year now and I love it.

I have dumbbells too but rarely use them. Might start working in some flys and tricep additions.


I wanna get adjustable dumbells bad, right now I just have ones you have to unscrew to add weights.

Those and a pull up bar for my door frame are my setup :smirking face:

I just try to do p90x every day, and a bit of some hiit workouts from YouTube.


I’ve heard good and bad things about them but my brother-in-law got a pair for cheap and they look cool. I hear some of them break easily if you drop them. I guess I just won’t throw them around.

Order update… I may have fallen prey to a bait and switch… when I put the order it, the product page said “Low Stock”… I went back to the product page after I made payment and it said “Pre-order, September delivery” and I’m like W.T.F and emailed asking for clarification. At this point I might even consider some dumbells like yours with the screw ends.


Further update - apparently I did get the last one in stock, it got shipped last week, hopefully I’ll be able to add dumbells to my morning routines very soon now!


it’s, uh, a room with a yoga mat that I do pushups on. really wish my gym opened though I understand why they are closed.

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