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Endless immigration is a net-negative for regular people. It’s only a privilege for big agriculture, construction, rich people with maids etc The US is propped up by an endless flow of uneducated, low skill workers driving prices (and by proxy) wages down. It’s not a sustainable model. We should instead be providing incentives for actual citizens to start families and have children.

You’re talking about letting people in to essentially function as scabs for the American worker. Endless immigration is one of the main reasons wages are such shit in the first place.

Over half of the gun deaths every year (~57%) are suicides and most mass shootings (3 or more people shot) are committed with hand guns in urban areas as part of violent crimes such as armed robbery or gang violence. America is experiencing societal decay. You can thank cronyism, big pharma and a fragmented, hypersexualized culture dedicated to coddling the mentally ill for that. After this shooting people will recite same crap about gun laws while completely ignoring that most if not all of these shooters have been on antidepressants.

Six activists are cleared of causing criminal damage despite a judge saying they had “no defence”.

How scientific.

lol there is nothing vegan about feta or parmesan cheese

I have a budget squat rack ~$300 and 300 lbs of weights and an olympic barbell. I bought a few extra plates for good measure but it’s a great setup. I’ve been doing lvysaur 4488 for almost a year now and I love it.

I have dumbbells too but rarely use them. Might start working in some flys and tricep additions.

My point is that if the speech is somehow illegal, which (in the United States at least) is a definition so narrow that it almost doesn’t exist, then sure the platform should do something about it even if it’s just deleting the post.

Illegalities aren’t really negotiable because they’re illegal. Platforms have to take reasonable measures to those ends. I think Minds.com handles this stuff with an actual “jury” of users.

I think a working model already exists on 4chan of all places.

There is a ton of garbage I do not want to see on 4chan but they’ve provided an excellent tool - filtering. If I use the filter I can see all of what I want and none of what I don’t and I can do it without any help. In the process of filtering I created the world that I want to participate in without diminishing that in which I don’t. This model makes the user responsible for BUILDING THEIR OWN echo chamber instead of having one given to them. A DIY worldview curation.

Every site would be better if managed this way – even this one. Short of illegalities, the only ‘moderation’ that really matters is organizing discussions by topic and even that can be automated and customized to a certain extent. People are trying to police each other too much. If I don’t like something I just open my filter add the slur, term, topic, memephrase, whatever and I’m done with it.

Just checked youtube and (at least on my machine) there is an entire COVID-19 section right below the trending videos. It’s all major news networks though.

Agreed. What I don’t see is any analysis about how this has basically been a controlled burn of small businesses across the country. Walmart stayed open while a small retailer had to stay closed. Corporations are consolidating power. I drove through the main street of my town the other day and it’s just depressing. There were always minimal chain stores/restaurants but they seem to have bought all the buildings that individuals put their life savings into to modernize/renovate for their enterprise.

I know very little about movie production but I imagine it takes a while to get a decent script and subsequently produce a movie (~1yr minimum). The real test would be if we don’t see any COVID movies in the upcoming year. That being said there is ‘Host’ (2020) which is a horror film that takes place entirely on a Zoom call.

Big tech censorship is rampant now. We have Youtube algos and an ever shifting definition of ‘misinformation’ to thank for that. Youtube/Facebook/Twitter is a terrible place to get any actual information that’s not pop culture related. LBRY/Peertube/podcasts and individual media orgs (e.g. Tim Poole) are where all the action is.

Make the decision that’s right for you. That being said, even a raspberry pi will host multiple web apps. If you have a HDD lying around then you’re in business. Trying to selfhost on a shoe string budget is part of the fun.

Yeah, if you’re not paying for it yourself you may succeed at some form of obfuscation for privacy reasons but it’s ultimately a failure of principle. If you want something put in the effort and/or the cost required. Doing that supports the good people that make the world go 'round and keeps you from being a product.

Just look at how long people harped about the 2000 election.

It sounds like you’re describing this Lemmy instance.

I’m sure the app is garbage but SOMEWHERE should stand for free speech because no one is going to do it here. All the admins are childish and ban people who don’t hold their views.

YUP. If the moderation on this instance is anything like I’ve seen in this comment thread then it’s absolute dog shit. Mod is overly sensitive and is likely consooming to much trauma-based entertainment and M5M product. To think that other people need a white knight mod to be so aggressive with banning/deleting or else they’ll consoom fake news and jump into traffic is simultaneously insulting to the user and incredibly arrogant. Nice work mod! Good luck with your shitty board.

lmao exactly. It’s almost like being exposed to a disease and getting over it is a natural way to build resistance.

Random forums online used to be where people had conversations freely. Instead even FOSS projects are mimicking failed social networks that editorialize to block out all but a certain viewpoint. I probably agree with that guy. I DO think that this is all over-hyped and we’re stopping the world for something that has a mortality rate similar to a bad flu season. But of course conversations are stopped before they are started just so people can jerk themselves off and feel good for ‘saving somebody from misinformation’. Give me a break. If the Lemmy project has proved anything to me in this thread it’s that the Reddit ‘consensus’ model just promotes mediocre discussion where variants from the norm are blotted out.

good work admins

I really don’t know when censorship became this new awesome idea that people cheer for on the sidelines.

I can’t tell you how disappointing it is to try and use a FOSS alternative to Reddit just to see comments deleted because the mod disagrees. Literally hall monitor tactics. FREE SPEECH isn’t a joke and if it’s truly free it isn’t conditional. Having enough faith in people to develop their own opinions isn’t a joke either. Don’t know what this guy said but it deserves to stand and be judged on it’s own merits or lack thereof.

Not sure if you’re meme-ing but shutting the world down over this is a massive overreaction. Wash your hands, stay in reasonably good health and don’t be reckless. If you are in poor health take the necessary precautions. The way all of this is being handled is setting an terrible precedent that will inevitably be used to strip people of personal liberties in the future.