Alright ya beautiful lovelies, CryptoFirstNewsBadger here filling in for yer regular old presenter. And I know you’re thinking you look just like him. You sound just like him and you probably saw me getting me groceries at t’same superstore in t’same town at t’same time. But I assure you I am someone completely different and it would be hapsolutely impossible for you or anyone else to ever ever know me true identity. So I can say whatever I want, I could say Beanie is a ginger twat and there would be no comebacks. As far as you know or care, I am a ghost. Our sponsors Timestamps 00:00 Thoroughly stupid intro 01:10 Titles 01:25 Anonymous directors 02:22 Sponsors 04:19 Definitions 05:21 Anonymous and the big doxes 06:07An era of big data, an era of big risk 06:57 Crypto is not anonymous 07:36 The Bitfinex hackers 09:43 Crypto and pseudonymity 10:44 The problem for developers 11:13 The old ICO team problem (all-star) 11:50 The REAL problem for developers 12:30 0xSifu and internet sleuths 13:57 The journalist perspective 14:34 BAYC doxxed 16:59 The Defiant perspective on doxing 17:45 Conclusion 18:50 Outtakes Links Follow The Defiant team on Twitter: Camila Russo Robin Schmidt: Alp Gasimov: ✊ Follow The Defiant #TheDefiant​ #DeFi​ #Decentralized​ #Finance​ #Blockchain

This was a fun watch.

There is obviously a place for acting under another name. Think: Batman v. Bruce Wayne.

In the case of investments, investors get what they pay for. And if that means that they invested in something without knowing who its creator is, or knowing them as pseudo… well, do they need to know their real identity? My arguement is no, they do not. Otherwise, if identity was a factor in their involvement, they wouldn’t have done so.


I would agree.


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