Wikidiamonds in the Wikirough
I have no idea how I will live without roof-molding integrated lighting fixtures from now on. In my ignorance, I could be happy....

I wish I could use this term at work now, but I'm not sure if "freak" as a noun has too much of an ableist past in its human applications. EFO!

grammatical gender is weak. give me that noun class based on fruit
Respect vs. disdain/intimacy, as with the [T-V distinction]( in the second person, would be far more useful to me than gendered pronouns. Also, this is fantastic: > The Ojibwe language and other members of the Algonquian languages distinguish between animate and inanimate classes. Some sources argue that the distinction is between things which are powerful and things which are not. All living things, as well as sacred things and things connected to the Earth are considered powerful and belong to the animate class. Still, the assignment is somewhat arbitrary, as "raspberry" is animate, but "strawberry" is inanimate. Yeah, fuck *you*, strawberries!

If I weren't reading it right now I'd think that someone had made this up for Goth Points. Amazing. 10/10. What would I need to search in Ukrainian to see cobwebbed Christmas trees? To Google Translate.... I have a friend who doesn't really enjoy Christmas but does really enjoy spiders... but I suppose you can't go giving people ornaments if you don't even know if they're putting up a tree or anything.

* There were such things as "coffin tickets" * Separate Anglican and non-Anglican parts of the cemetery, naturally, but also parts of the train (for the living *and* dead) * Funerals also came in first-class, second-class, and third-class with corresponding rights to permanent memorial (or risk of exhumation) * They had [an *extremely badass* logo](

Wikidiamonds in the Wikirough

    SFW interesting wiki articles. Doesn’t have to be Wikipedia, but if it’s a smaller wiki, the point of interest can’t just be cringe at the page itself. It’s okay if it’s been a featured article as long as you think most people wouldn’t have read it–and feel free to link directly to an interesting subheading of the page.

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