This is the first time that people insulted me using software which I created
Its a very interesting feeling. On one hand Im proud because Lemmy has come so far. Two years ago there was only one instance dev.lemmy.ml and no federation. On the other hand disappointed, because some people are unable to appreciate how much time and work I put into this project. Its especially ironic that these attacks are coming from people who pretend to represent the working class.

Brown bag
Brown paper bag lunches used to be common but you rarely see them anymore (where I'm from) despite the phrase "brown bagging it today" (or something similar) still being used.

“Man” is a fine interjection but “woman” is not
Woman, English is weird.

In porn is normal for women to be bisexual, but men are not allowed to play with each other.
Let me explain. In porn, the "lesbian" category is inside the "straight" section and women are expected to play with each other in threesomes. But if men play with each other it is "bisexual" and locked inside the "gay" section. It is a weird double standard nobody thinks a about.

“Rub off on someone” is a phrase that sounds way more exciting than it really is.
Stole from a friend of mine but they said it was okay :)

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