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CEOs should be paid in exclusively in ligma.

I play the most on Nvidia GeForce Now. The restrictions imposed by the publishers fragmenting availability of games is awful, but the experience for games I can play is great. It takes a geographically close datacenter and low latency link (I have fiber, pings to Nvidia are generally <8ms), I don’t think it works well otherwise.

I think we’re all the biggest losers. We’re exploited for the benefit of a handful of shitty tech bros. We get $8/hr, Bezos gets to fly into space in a giant dildo. At least he kinda said “thank you?”

No, wait he said, “you paid for this.” Which is true, but not a thank you.

My wife and I lived the double-income, no kids lifestyle for about 8 years. She had a solid union job and I was doing ok in IT, we definitely had a good time, lots of travel, fancy dinners, live music and theater. When we had kids, it all went to hell, financially. She left her job, we have a ton of added expenses, etc etc. She’s probably going back to work this year but the kids make it impossible to travel like we used to, and their interests don’t mesh much with ours, so we don’t get to do as many of the kinds of things we like.

You make it sound like the right’s propaganda is some magical hex that people will find irresistible. The reality is, it’s only volume and ubiquity that gives it any traction. None of their woowoo bullshit holds up to even the most basic materialist analysis. A 6-year-old can debunk trickle-down.

I think this is my answer, too. There’s been so much movement with risc-v and it’s been so rapid, it could completely alter the chip market in the very near term.

Upvoted for making me gag audibly.

I farted onto an autocorrecting keyboard.

This. It’s the most-used mobile phone os, and now in Windows you and install WSL2 with a click and run any Linux app, including X apps.

Night of the Living Dead is out of copyright, can be watched all kinds of places, including

OP, are you flirting? This isn’t an insult.

If you work at Starbucks, say you make $15/hr. In an hour you make 25 drinks which sell for $5 each. So, you brought in $125, and made $15. Yes, there’s materials, utilities, rent, maintenance, but guaranteed the earnings report will show labor as the top-line expense. So, let’s be generous and say the company made $125-$15-$15, so $95.

That’s surplus value, which is being extracted from the workers and given to people who don’t work.

Give workers a better cut. Give people who don’t work less. That’s fair. That’s right. That’s why we need unions, because the only way we stop this is to strike, depriving the people who don’t work of our labor, because without our labor, they have nothing.

3d printed guns, mf. Under no pretext.

You really like the taste of those boots doncha?

I use Vaultwarden, which is an open-source, self-hostable, compatible re-implementation of Bitwarden.

BW is open source and self-hostable, but requires several containers including MSSQL. You can run Vaultwarden against SQLite or postgres, and it’s a single binary or container.

Sounds like fun to clone and place … fucking everywhere.

Specs for Steam Remote Play?

I’ve gotten back into my Steam library because of NVidia’s GeForce Now service, but there’s a handful of games I own but can’t play because the publishers won’t let NVidia stream them. The most resource intensive game I’m interested in is probably Batman: Arkham City, though I’d also like to use Dol…