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+1 to a Chromebook with the Linux VM. I don’t know why Chromebooks are so cheap when some of the hardware can be really premium. I got my HP Chromebook X2 2-3 years ago on sale for $330, it’s a beautiful machine with a better screen than laptops 3X the cost.

Konami made some of my absolute favorite games on the SNES. Turtles in Time is still my favorite brawler. Contra, Castlevania, Sunset Riders.

Can I get a source on Apple people leaving to work on risc-v? Not finding much on my own.

I had the same experience poking around odysee and mastodon. LBRY was full of antivax shit, with the occasional flat earther and racist. Mastodon was full of q-cumbers. I’ll stick with my nice tankies on Lemmy, thanks.

If you’re open to self-housing a web app, I like miniflux. Have used tt-rss, nextcloud news, freshrss in the past.

Corporate tool here. We used CentOS because we got the compatibility with third-party/ISV software, abi/api stability for 10 years, and slow, heavily tested release cycle of RHEL for free. We bought RedHat support more than once and never got value out of it.

We need that long release cycle, we have software still running on RHEL5 (trying to get rid of it).

Streams absolutely breaks that for us, so now we’re sticking on Cent 7 for the foreseeable, buying a handful of bottom-shelf RHEL licenses, and keeping an eye on Rocky, et al for future direction.

I managed to fight off moving to OEL, at least; fuck Oracle.

At home, I’ve messed with Streams, but most of my stuff is on Fedora anyway, and just runs everything in Kubernetes, so I could take it or leave it.

A cheap, reliable bike. I have a single-speed because where I live is totally flat, disc brakes for when the weather is shit, a rack front and back so I don’t have to use a backpack, and good lights all around. Gets me around the city way faster and more pleasant than driving, public trans or walking, costs next to nothing to keep it rolling. Since it was cheap, if it gets ripped off, I just get another.

Does it annoy anyone else


The USA doesn’t regulate car design nearly enough, and these super tall vehicles with massive flat grills are demonstrably more deadly: https://www.iihs.org/news/detail/new-study-suggests-todays-suvs-are-more-lethal-to-pedestrians-than-cars

I would also say familiarity and comfort are a lot bigger factor than some might admit. I stick with Fedora because I know it, not because it’s somehow objectively better than other distros. At this point, most distros will work ootb on most hardware and serve a lot of the same purposes.

I disagree Syncthing is like nextcloud. I find it useful to describe Syncthing like an always-running rsync between multiple machines. nextcloud is a web ui for files and other apps, they serve very different purposes.

Oof, it sounds like that puts a pin in the AMD-based system, unless I want to run Windows (I don’t).

Good to know. I think I had something going with Xvfb, since the NUC is headless, that may have been part of why I got such bad performance.

Specs for Steam Remote Play?

I’ve gotten back into my Steam library because of NVidia’s GeForce Now service, but there’s a handful of games I own but can’t play because the publishers won’t let NVidia stream them. The most resource intensive game I’m interested in is probably Batman: Arkham City, though I’d also like to use Dol…

He gets his size all the way down to… 140MB. Apline, my dudes.

I’d much prefer a different approach: I see timers as a nag, and suggest that I’m doing something wrong, which I’m not.

If, instead, Lemmy only showed my unread articles, unseen responses to comments and then stopped the feed and made me consciously select to load old articles or articles from communities I don’t subscribe to, then I have to opt in to negative behavior, rather than being nagged into opting out.

Ultima VII via Exult is my mf’ing jam.