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I read this as “the grindr of geopolitics” and now I am disappointed.

You know the crypto bros will find a way to make the working class make up their losses.

Is this a real quote from JRE? It’s so hard to tell real from satire with them.

It’s called “ignore”, not block, maybe that’s the confusion? In Element, if you long-press on a user, you can ignore from there.

It’s an average of <$7700 per person, I doubt it makes up for their losses, either.

Talos, Fedora IoT, microsuse, flatcar. What features of coreos are you looking for?

These buildings were built cheap as possible and were not intended for habitation. They usually have huge high ceilings which are really inefficient, minimal insulation, generally shitty and uncomfortable to live in. They’re generally in the middle of nowhere, with poor access unless you’re driving. It also seems weird how the ideas around affordable housing always revolves around how to use the least desireable cast-offs of the last couple decades.

This is peak “platinum jubilee” right here. I bet it tastes like Her Majesty.

The article suggests a lot of the improvement will come from ai/ml auotmatic post-processing, like what the Google Pixels do, which is to your point.

Be gay, do class war

Why aren't there more worker co-ops?
When I explain surplus value to people, I use the example of a Starbucks. You're working for $15/hr, selling hundreds of $5 drinks per hour, the surplus value covers the other costs like rent and supplies, but, as most investor-facing documents will lay out, that $15/hr/person is the largest expsense. So, fudging numbers here, you sell 50 drinks at $5 each, that's $250-15-15 for labor and other costs, so $220/hr getting taken from the workers and sent to the owners. So, even if a) I'm wildly off with the numbers, which makes perfect sense because I made them up and b) startup capital is hard to come by if you aren't already rich, the existence of profit from seemingly simple businesses like a standalone coffee shop should be something workers can organize and replicate without much involvement from capital. So, why don't we? Is it that we all have been propagandaized to want the surplus value for ourselves?

Has anyone read the full article yet? I just dl’ed, but from the synopsis it sounds like “socialism” like “free health care” not Socialism like “workers own the means of production.”

They didn’t remove git://. They deprecated and removed old insecure keys, and disabled unencrypted git operations. The mention of git:// in that post only means if you use a git:// endpoint, you may need to update your configuration.

“Intellectual property” is just a fancy way to hold a gun to people’s heads to threaten them against saying your secret words. The US economy lost $600bn per above due to people saying secret words. Say secret words, make rich people cry.

China holds the position of strength here, allowing the reuse and sharing of secret words, rather than pissing away resources in a futile attempt to protect them.

I still dig Fedora, run it as my DD and using Fedora IoT for my k8s cluster. I can’t hang with apt-based distros after getting used to yum history undo, and now with immutable OS’es, my obsession with keeping things ‘clean’ is all the more focused on fedora.

Options for hosting game streaming on Linux?
I can use Steam Link, or Sunshine (, are there other options worth looking at? Windows users also have Parsec and Moonlight/Geforce Experince and probably more.

Do you use the Deck docked?
I realize I'm in the minority here but I use my Switch docked 95% of the time. I'd likely do the same with a Deck. Compared to a PS5 or Xbox, which is going to be more fun?

Specs for Steam Remote Play?
I've gotten back into my Steam library because of NVidia's GeForce Now service, but there's a handful of games I own but can't play because the publishers won't let NVidia stream them. The most resource intensive game I'm interested in is probably Batman: Arkham City, though I'd also like to use Dolphin to emulate some older Wii/GC games. What I'd like to do is add to my stable of NUCs/NUC-like systems in my networking closet, and stream to my Shield TV. I tried doing this with my fastest NUC, which is still only a Pentium SIlver J5005; while it's at least got QuickSync, my expectations were very low, and I got about what I expected. The encoding process ate up every available CPU cycle, and left nothing to actually run a game. Would something like this: do what I'm looking for? Anything else I should consider in the <$400 price range? Also, AFAIK the only way to stream games to the Sheild from Linux is with Steam. Moonlight, Parsec, etc etc require a Windows PC. Any other streaming software worth looking at?