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Most of websites are built on Wordpress, so thats a start.

There is a lot of JS around, but most websites have some Open Source foundation.

The same way you can get obsessed with… anything really.

At the time i was obssesed because many animes were so interesting and creative, and exciting.

Jesus flipped tables at the temple and said that its easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than a rich man getting in the heaven.

Jesus talks about loving your neighbor, being kind, not discriminate, he hates the rich and helps the poor, so, he is the contrary to what christians are, and they wont like it, so they will cancel him.

So nice he is finnally getting justice. Fuck Alex Jones, maybe he’ll soon learn to STFU

Fucking hate the pro-forced birthers

Yo utilizo criptos con muy poco valor de comisión como Monero para usarla como Monedas.

La gente me sigue diciendo que invierta y haga trading, pero no me interesa, prefiero usarlas como verdaderas monedas, para pagar servicios en línea que de otra forma me serían imposibles, debido a que no tengo una tarjeta de crédito internacional, y esas son muy difíciles de conseguir en mi país.

SO, they cancel the sequel but still wanna make a movie?

Better than sexually abuse a woman while she is drunk at a club, and then harass her til she accepts to date you, like in most current pop songs.

Our reality is the real meme

Why can’t we have both?

And yet aren’t able to shut down all the CP on this fucking platform, just yesterday an idiot came into a group I manage openly asking for CP. If telegram is gonna use mass surveillance, at least make it useful god damn.

The US will push you to be homeless, and then jail you for that.

Fuck reddit

What the hell did i just read?

Why is it so controversial to do not like children?
I just saw the community and thought it would be a place to rant. I don't like children, is not like im a monster who want to see all children die, i even use to get angry when readying stories of child abuse or neglect, like, who can anyone be such a monster to a kid? But i want to be entirely child free, even from an early age, i am a single child, never had siblings, i am the youngest of my cousins so no younger cousins to spent time with, didn't even ever spent time with younger kids at school. But i cant stand children, i hate tantrums, crying, creaming, everything, i would not stand one day with a child because of than, and years of that would really make me miserable, so i better not have kids ever, not even adopted. Some young people agree with me, since younger people doesn't want children either, and since my country had a total economic crash, every older people agree that having children is dificult in this economy, but there is always people who gasp and say "How dare you say that?" or "Then, who is gonna take care of you when u get older?" And that's the thing, anyone who have children just so they can take care of them when get older IS AN ASSHOLE, GET A NURSE YOU IDIOT, YOU ARE FUCKING SELFISH! I just cant understand why it is so controversial to say that i dont want children. There is not a single positive thing about having children, i cant think of a single pro of being a parent. Its stressful, it takes all of your money, all of your time, all your hopes and dreams go down the drain, etc. Why would anyone want to have children?

I created a Matrix Space for trans, NB, and gender non-conforming people.
Hi, I've been in a trans chat group on matrix for a while, but moderation is non-existing and chasers run free in there, so I created a Safe Space for trans and NB people, and ill be moderating it (I'm looking for additional moderators). There is also a private NSFW room, also exclusively for trans and nb people, but you have to ask for the link to it. Feel free to join. https://matrix.to/#/#trans-save-space:matrix.org

The "Get a real job" boomer excuse
I think we all had some boomer who said, "You only sit in front of a computer all day, when are you gonna get a real job? In my times i had to break my back, worked 16 hours a day caring weight, burning my skin in the sun, i was paid in pennies, had to breathe toxic smoke that reduces everybody's life expectancy, those were the good times when people worked for real" Like, for them work is being physically exploited to death, or it isn't a real job. Fuck those guys, im making a living from my computer and even so im fucking stressed out.


My Coworker's ex boss refuse to sign her resignation letter and years of service.
Hi, im new at my job. This is an entire department that was absolutely empty since the last manager was fired for screaming at a female colleague from another state. We are working at a huge mixed private-state-owned telecom company. Its been a few months of a tired hiring process, but we are finally here and starting to do all the job again. There is a new manager and 2 "Promoters" like they call us, I and another girl who is older than us (27yo). She was working for the last 5 years at another state-owned institution. She says the wager there were useless and the work environment is toxic. She gave her resignation letter and is still waiting for a letter that states the number of years she worked there, so she can have more benefits and bonuses at our current company. Well, she already gave 3 resignation letters to the institution boss, who refused to sign them, also she has been the last days calling every single person on HR, but nobody wants to do any paperwork for her because they pass the ball to each other. The conversation always goes like: - Karen will do it - Hi, im Karen, no, i cant do that, Susan can do that - Hi, im Susan, no, stacey is the one who does that, but she already left for the day (at 1 pm) better call Karen And so on. My coworker is stressed out and is already threatening to sue if they don't sign her resignation and give her years of service letter ASAP. The worst part is that HR at our company is giving her a deadline to submit those documents. This is a really trashy situation, but she seems to like our current company so much more, specially considering that we are 3 new people at this department.

Is there some app that allows me to convert markdown to PDF on the go?
Hi. I use Joplin and quillnote to make notes on the go. But many times I need then as PDF. On the computer there in no problem but none of these allow me to export as PDF on my phone. Is there some app that allows me to do this?