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Native spanish speaker here. Partir, in some regions, like mine, is also used as ROMPER (Break). Se me partió el vaso. I broke my glass. The explanaition is ok but please improve a little but the editing so the pacing would be better, you can get a lot of editing tutorials. Also you can use some most common ussage verbs, not mani people say “Partir” as in leaving, most people just say: “Me voy” “Se fue” “Se Fueron” “Ya se fue” Etc. I like that you wanna teach spanish, keep going.

It seems like the android app is still in the works, i just found out too and damn i want an android app.

When i was a kid i watched Death Note out of curiosity. I went into an anime online streaming website and started browsing until death note got my attention by the name alone, and i loved it from the first chapter. After that i went all the way down into the rabbitwhole. Today im still a BIG anime fan.

What about creating porn images communities?

Like… come on, we have to use the NSFW tag for something…

Well, im currently living in Venezuela. They destroyed the “Meritocracy” in public administration, just to be replaced with “Im friends with…” or “Im the son/brother/cousin/fourth cousin from the sister of the mother of…” and the result is that the public administration is filled with incompetent people, ive seen people who goes to “work” at 10pm 3 times a week (in a 9to5 job). And corruption is so rampant that some professions like “Policeman” are a joke, i dont mean that you can bribe them, i mean they ask you for the bribe and if you dont give it they beat you up. Im in Law school and even lawyers are having a bad time because now the judges get the job because of “connections” and many of them are incredibly under qualified (we are talking recently graduated people in positions that require at least 3 masters and 10 years of teaching). This country needs to get rid of the useless people and replace them with at least qualified professionals.

You cant buy food with “Enjoy” “Love” or “Passion”. You need to work hard in order to live. “Putting effort into things simply to make money is frankly the most pathetic reason to do anything.” That is VERY naive. If you dont wanna make money then go living a simple life in the woods in a self sustainable home. Now let me ask. What do you propose to replace Meritocracy in order to know if someone is fit for a job or a position? Or in order for society to work?

We have a LOT of problems in the west to get LGBT acceptance, but at least you are not condoned to death like in the Middle East. When are we gonna talk about the 0 respect for human rights in the middle east???

If there is no Meritocracy, why put effort on things? What would determinate whatever someone is fit for a job or not? Most self made rich people had to work their skills and work a lot to get where they are now. Competition is also good because when there is no competition monopolies are created and the ones who get the monopoly get lazy and abusive. Generally what happens with the rich kids who get everything thanks to daddy is that they become irresponsible and many companies doesnt survive an administration run by the sons of the creators, that’s why some long running companies choose a CEO that had NOTHING to to with the founders’ family. They are chose by their merits. “The myth of meritocracy also teaches people that they just have to work hard to be successful” Yes you HAVE TO. What else are you expected to do in this life?

Really necesary tho???

I did it on blender. I you wanna i can give you the HD png file

So, i integrated what i like about macos, but made it look different with some theme i found. The wallpaper is my own creation…


I am currently using XFCE, i always endup coming back to it, it just works and when you know hot to customize it it looks great with going hard on you CPU.

I live Anilist. Works so good, its better organized, and its actually understandable.

Light mode. Horrible. Would hurt my eyes at night.