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Just practice more. Find someone to talk to and engage is casual conversations. You’ll get better over time.

Nice. But also weir since even the web extention has dark mode support.

Oh shit I need one of those but with Latin America. I guess will be all red. Average internet speed in Venezuela doesn’t even reach 10 Mbps

That actually looks good. Lets see how people use it


Bee movie was a warning

Of course. Ill will be filled with qanon and neo fascist shit. Im not going anywhere near that.

I used to have a lot of stickers. Until I ran out of them. I wish I had some now

Yeah. Neil Tayson said to Ben shabibo that whatever we find out what is the origin of homosexuality, the results most not matter in people’s lives. Im OK with trying to find the scientific reason to homosexuality, its fascinating since its present in every mamal species and other kind of animals, but of course it will always be polemic

It actually looks great. Cant wait the see if there are improved gameplay elements in here

Yes, legally it chanches a lot of thing, since now there is actually a parent company managing all.

What opinions you have on the Facebook Rebranding?

You think is Facebook trying to just wash their hands as Facebook itself will become part of a bigger conglomerate created by themselves?..

You know about investment? Buy a bunch of vaccines to vaccinate a population, so you wont have that population getting sick, and they will cost way less in the long run.

A new study by Canadian researchers adds weight to the theory that the evolutionary role of gay men may be to serve as “super uncles” who help close family members survive. …


Also in that same list, my country Venezuela is number 4 in trans porn, but also there are a lot of murders against trans people and hate speech is wide spread and goes unpunished.

Ok but… Take a look at how many women watch gay porn. Even some people argue that women is the target audience of gay porn.

I don’t downvote Leftists posts, i am in the center and I’m very progressive. If i weren’t, i would be on fucking gab (i hate that shit). I really don’t like people defending dictatorships, something i know very well since i live in Venezuela. Also accept that China is a cyberpunk dystopia with serious human rights violations and is creating a system that makes impossible for a revolution to rise. I’ve been told that money in Venezuela didn’t matter, that is a “socialist utopia” has also been told that Venezuela is not socialism, and that is stupid to call Venezuela a poor country (i literally just need to walk outside my home to prove then wrong). These are interactions i had on Lemmy alone. Now imagine how much shit i got on Reddit.

English speaking leftist are always like “Oh, i don’t care about your first hand experience, this book i bought on Amazon says otherwise”

Some people need to chill and start recognizing propaganda when they see it.

I’m stealing this. Thanks

Is startpage better?

For a long time now, Venezuela has been trying to get its people to use its native cryptocurrency, the oil-backed Petro. However, most people would rather use Bitcoin (BTC/USD), Dash (DASH/USD), or other major coins. After trying to fight the popularity of these cryptocurrencies for years, the count…

This is so useful. I did one of these profile on the computer i just in the office. Works great. Also doesn’t leave a trace


I did a 9 axes test. Roast my results. …


Scribe.rip Open source Medium Front end

This is a recent toot from the creator: I’ve made an alternative frontend to Medium:…



Research shows the only thing Republican lawmakers have to fear when it comes to inappropriate behavior in bathrooms is—wait for it—themselves. …

Before the adjustment, the highest denomination was a 1 million bolivar bill that was worth a little less than a quarter as of Thursday. The new currency tops out at 100 bolivars, a little less than $25 A new currency with six fewer zeros debuted Friday in Venezuela, whose currency has been made nea…

Venezuela reached new levels of poverty according to Encovi. 94.5% of the population is in poverty, out of which 76.6% live under extreme poverty. Only one-third of women are active in the economy, men make more money in all sectors, and in executive positions, the gap is 76%. …

A 2.1-million barrel cargo of condensate supplied by Iranian National Oil Company (NIOC) to Venezuela’s PDVSA, the first of a swap deal between the state-run firms, began discharging this week, according to two sources and tanker tracking data. …

For a glimpse into Venezuela’s future, look at Arauquita, a remote Colombian border town of about 5,000 people. In May, thousands of bedraggled Venezuelan refugees from neighboring Apure State started arriving in Arauquita with grim stories of aerial bombings and house-to-house searches by Venezuela…