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Why is it so controversial to do not like children?

I just saw the community and thought it would be a place to rant. I don’t like children, is not like im a monster who want to see all children die, i even use to get angry when readying stories of child abuse or neglect, like, who can anyone be such a monster to a kid?..

Thanks, i looked at it and the server its great. Although the group i created is going well.

Lets hope that the guard she gets assigned is not the same as her dead husband’s

Yeah. Some people already live like that but are hippies on the sidewalk of the capitalist system.

I created a Matrix Space for trans, NB, and gender non-conforming people.

Hi, I’ve been in a trans chat group on matrix for a while, but moderation is non-existing and chasers run free in there, so I created a Safe Space for trans and NB people, and ill be moderating it (I’m looking for additional moderators). There is also a private NSFW room, also exclusively for trans …

Deja de promocionar app mods de piratería

well, i dont think you can put too much spyware in a device literally smaller than my computer mouse. It might be good for privacy, maybe, i just got the Pi (thanks jeff) so ill be doing stuffs with it

Get out somewhere else with your bullshit conspiracy theories, you are the reason why the pandemic still havent ended and the virus keeps mutating so quickly.

I know nothing about lol (except for the music wich is always dope) I tried to play many years ago but didnt go nowhere

Yet I absolutely love arcane. The animation, the story, everything is so fucking perfect. And I love Jinx, 100% transition goal.

I wanna know more about the lore, it looks so good

The "Get a real job" boomer excuse

I think we all had some boomer who said, "You only sit in front of a computer all day, when are you gonna get a real job? In my times i had to break my back, worked 16 hours a day caring weight, burning my skin in the sun, i was paid in pennies, had to breathe toxic smoke that reduces everybody’s li…

Is this denialism on the big genocides under communist regimes?

If Wikipedia put some denialism stunt like this im gonna loose a lot of respect. I wonder if later they would put something like “Armenian genocide never happened and Holocaust was a hoax”

At this point they should just ask help to Anthony since Linus has no idea what he is doing. Although Luke is having a better experience and not too many complains. In a recent WAN show Luke said that he likes Linux more for working since “it gets less in the way that windows”

I remember my sister at the begining of the lockdown showing me a photo of some detergent that said kill a lot of viruses, incluiding Coronavirus. She was asking something like “hmmmm, they already knew about this? Looks suspicious” And I was like… Coronavirus is a virus category, its been around since ever, you should know this, YOU ARE A NURSE.

Of course, it’s not a racist cult. It is only:

  • Racist
  • Of course its a cult, this is cultish language 101
  • In some phrases even sounds like a doomsday cult
  • Also a nutjob covid 19 conspiracy and antivaxx


My Coworker's ex boss refuse to sign her resignation letter and years of service.

Hi, im new at my job. This is an entire department that was absolutely empty since the last manager was fired for screaming at a female colleague from another state. We are working at a huge mixed private-state-owned telecom company…

Is there some app that allows me to convert markdown to PDF on the go?

Hi. I use Joplin and quillnote to make notes on the go. But many times I need then as PDF. On the computer there in no problem but none of these allow me to export as PDF on my phone. …