Competitive, breeding, PokéMMO and Pokémon Showdown

Is anyone here into competitive and breeding? I’ve been trying to get into it a couple of times but I generally end up quitting because I get frustrated on how hard some of the process to get there are and I didn’t have anyone to whom I could ask for help. …

Requesting c/Pokemon

Moderator @CAP_NAME_NOW_UPVOTE@lemmy.ml hasn’t posted in seven months. I have not posted anything there yet either, but that is easily one of my favorite franchises ever, so I will take good care of it!..


Green is the Pokémon available in the base game. …

[OC] The Physiology of Pokémon: Fennekin

I wrote a science fiction esque description of my favourite Pokemon, Fennekin, trying to explain their appearance and the Pokedex entries and other lore surrounding them in a sciencey way. I might write these for other Pokemon if there is enough interest. Please let me know what you think! …

[OC] Theory: Ice-type Pokemon just might be reversing entropy for breakfast.

This claim comes with the BIG assumption that ice-type Pokemon somehow magically materializes ice and doesn’t just act like a refrigerator. The big difference is that a refrigerator increases entropy during operation just like any other machine, because the waste heat (disorder) it dumps into the su…

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