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would have been funny to use a gratis font for the topside and a free font for the bottom

this seems like a fun tool, but the name seems quite ironic. http://harmful.cat-v.org/cat-v/ describes how rob pike gave a talk on how cat had grown beyond it’s use case so it’s funny to see a tool named after cat which has given up altogether on concatenating files and instead only extends the behavior he considered harmful

The only thing i can think of would be subscribing to all the communities you’d like to see, but i too would like the option to selectively not get certain communities in my, but still get new ones, etc.

owners of capital: his only mistake was feeling guilt. if he were truly generous, he would never have helped that kid. how will the kid learn now?

so, maybe the title is a bit of a misnomer “reasons you should write in vanilla-CSS” might be better. These are cool reasons not to use a framework, but not great reasons to not still try to use CSS sparingly

This isn’t really an advanced spell checker, but I actually kind of like using spell. Especially if you want to maintain your own dictionary to add jargon and slang. That being said, I don’t spellcheck all that often so maybe if you use it a lot it becomes inconvenient (?). Also, I know if you use vim you can :set spell

so, that sounds like a bug. why not just report it?

thanks all! i will try alpine as soon as i have a laptop again! my thinkpad stopped turning on yesterday, so, sorry for the late response

Along this vein, i 've been usinbg mutt, which is good but i still don’t love it. anyone use a non-mutt terminal main client?

Aqwhat (ascii art)

yeah, lately i’ve prefered it. it just feels simple/clean

i use pretty lightweight tools. dwm and st. i don’t change the configs much, and have been trying to trandfew from firefox to surf. no more 10 tab browsing

Awesome. If it helps, i’m using the default browser on LineageOS.

thanks! i appreciate all these links. i am bookmarking this thread and coming back when i have more free time to look into these. gb-studio looks pretty cool. gameboy was my first video game platform and maybe always my favorite

Hey, looks fun! I subscribed to rss, but only by guessing the url. when i tapped the feed link, all i got was “rss.png.” not sure if it’s my browser, but maybe worth testing on your end

i guess the question is whether people are willing to give up the extra functionality for that simplicity, or whether simplicity in this case just means “abstract away what the computer actually does” because, it’s easy enough to just use gnome out of the box but the options and configurations exist because people want them and shared libraries exist because people want a lot of big programs on their system.

no, silly. lockdown to prevent plagues is great and brave. locking down to prevent plagues is what is authoritarian.

Ykskii-chars. Ascii art font generator

I made/am making a set of tools for ascii art. The first is basically a BSD-games banner clone for my own ascii font. …

that is so cool. i will definitely keep my eyes on it. Is it all closed source though?

Have you seen ed! man ed

I can’t speak for this sub, but i think a lot of people have been moving from reddit and creating similar communities here to break their dependance on the proprietary reddit platform

i recommend love2d and some tutorials there. i think it’s a great way to learn because, it’s pretty easy to get going, and with simple game-dev you can get immediate visual feedback

What About Fibers

So, after my previous post to this community I was convinced enough to work towards eating entirely vegan. So far I have been loving it (still not sure what to do with the chicken stock in my freezer though). Now I’m hoping someone has some thoughts on clothes/beddings. I usually shop at thrift stor…

Fantasy Consoles

After playing Celeste, I got to reading about fantasy consoles. Basically, they are emulators for systems which don’t exist. New games can be written with simulated limitations, allowing for the kind of creativity of older consoles. I am wondering if anyone ha…

Community for MilkyTracker/ChipTunes, or an AmeteurMusic community?

I made a brief chip tune in Milky Tracker and it’d be fun to share it but I’m not sure where to. I thought of making a MilkyTracker community, but perhaps that’s too specific. Do enough people use that, or would a “Chip Tune” be better? Alternatively, it could be fun to have an amateurmusician or so…

How does musl compare with other Libc implementations?

Inspired by the recent post here comparing glibc and musl, I wondered if anyone had experience comparing BSD Libc to musl or glibc, or any other libc implementations. Is musl the all-around most minimal? Do any others come close?..

Veganism and sustainability

Hello. I am an omnivore who has stumbled onto a few vegan threads recently. I admire your collective conviction that veganism is simply a less cruel option. I also know that certain products i.e. milk alternatives, etc. are simply much more sustainable. I am looking to be convinced, or given sources…

My statically generated site

I used to generate my website by piecing together html templates and pages. I stopped doing that and started using kcgi. …

Creating a completely public-domain shared canon

My friend and I had this idea to create a wiki where anyone could add a story to a shared universe. The premise is that humans at some point spread out into the galaxy, but faster than light travel never happens. Instead of one government, humanity is fractured. That leads to a vast universe where a…

This is probably quite similar to my last post, but I have fine tuned it since then. I.E. Changed the terminal background color, removed the Pager text, and switched back to a digital clock because analog takes too long. [dotfiles here](https://yksinotso.org/fcgi-bin/yksinotso/projects.html?sub=Dotf

keyboard resets to US when exiting X

I use OpenBSD on my thinkpad t430, so I don’t often exit X. That being said, when I do close X and re-enter it my keyboard is reset to US encoding. I have a finnish keyboad and after boot, it works fine. I have grepped xenodm’s configuratiuon but I don’t see “ws” or “US” anywhere. Does X maybe set a…

Gamedev Coop

Hello, over on r/socialistprogrammers there has been a lot of talks of coops lately. Myself and at least one other person have been courting the idea of starting a gamedev coop with socialist ideals. We are still in the planning phase, and if you’d like to be involved, send us an IRC message at irc…