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Ah, okay. Can confirm I’m no longer seeing the issue. 👍

For some reason the first time I land on the homepage, a bunch of images are broken, but after navigating around a bit it seems to go away. Not sure what’s going on.

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This was posted in [checks notes] … announcements?

Is this spam? Am I missing something? Is there a way to flag/report?

I am really enjoying Monster Train. I loved Slay the Spire and while it’s not StS, it borrows some mechanics and creates its own unique spin on the genre

Been playing around with randomizers for various games (Diablo II, FF6, etc) and getting into that kind of stuff too.

I have such a backlog of other games I want to play too (Driftlands, Hades, and probably like 500 others lol)

Wow, that was fast! 😀 Can confirm here that it’s working great now- haven’t had a single spinning circle and have opened many new tabs. 👍

I also still get this issue. Firefox 78.0.1 on macOS 10.15.5

For instance, I have opened tabs to both c/buddhism and c/zen and neither one is loading, even after refreshes. Just spinning circle.

After more testing I think it only happens when opening links to lemmy pages in new tabs. Because in those dead tabs- if I navigate to another link and back, then it works.

Love the idea of lemmy-lite!

The instance I am on has been far more enjoyable to engage with than any other platform I’ve been on. The instance is well admin’d and moderated and in general just keeps a good atmosphere around. I have soured on almost all other social media. I also like the opinionated choices that the software makes regarding what features they bring in and purposefully leave out.

Also, the very first time I joined it, it turned into a ghost town- but the 2nd time, a couple of years ago- it’s been alive and well ever since and has become a viable alternative now.

Glad to see it wasn’t only because of the name- because that can be complicated. There was a racist record label with that name, but there’s also a non-racist Canadian metal band with that name… etc, etc.

Hope to see this place grow and for Lemmy instances to pop up everywhere. A federated alternative to Reddit is a great idea. For some reason the pages don’t always like to load for me (occasionally get a never-ending spinning circle, when viewing or trying to post) but that may just be the sheer amount of users now.

Also would love to see more themes than the existing ones (especially ones with smaller text). All the themes I like are just too big for me. Maybe I should try creating one. 🤔

Yes, when it comes to notifications for apps/socialmedia/texts/calls, I find it is optimal to live with an approach of ‘don’t let others dictate how you spend your time’