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Facebook thinks VR will be a new gateway to social media, called ‘Social VR’.

I cannot deal with contact sounds from upstairs neighbors. Thank god for custom-fit earplugs and ANC headphones. Maybe I should move out of the city…

You guys are doing god’s work! Congrats on the collaboration with Plausible Analytics.

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone, looks like I’m going to do some experimentation the coming days!

Great suggestion thanks! Too bad there is no iOS app.

I have a RPi4 laying around so I might try to host my own nextcloud.

Looking for FOSS To-Do application
I'm looking for a free and open source todo application that works/syncs with both iOS and Windows. I currently use Google Calendar + Tasks, and want to get as far away as possible from them. Any recommendations?

Love this track, instant nostalgia.

Is there a possibility that we can see a graph showing the amount of lemmy users in time?

Stoicism summary
Stoic therapy toolkit by Donald J. Robertson. Uploaded so you don't have to sign up for the email list.

A little self promotion can’t hurt when you’re not smug about it. I liked the article and wouldn’t mind you posting links from your blog.

I tried the expensive non-FOSS RoamResearch and was sold on the idea of non-linear note taking. I’ve since tried TiddlyRoam but have found it too fiddly compared to what I was using before (OneNote). It’s quite the big switch to make and I need full confidence and commitment before attempting to switch platforms…

I downvoted, because I think being anti-fascist is pretty self evident. I was hoping that politics would be left out of the discussion on here for now, as there are much more interesting things on the internet.

Before I joined lemmy.ml I didn’t really think much about using Google or not. I see articles like these a lot on here and they are slowly convincing me to step up my ethical internet game. Invidious’ interface looks much cleaner and will see if I can replace youtube with it. Now… where is my chromecast?

Huge lemmy instances/communities (think hundreds of thousands) could definitely become very Reddit like… take a look at Mastodon though (which exists a little longer) and you’ll see that mainly smaller communities thrive there. I have a feeling lemmy will stay small scale like that too.

I like the minimalist look and feel of it, will try it out thanks!

Do you have any recommendations on how to find friendly/interesting people? My local/federated timeline is mostly trash.

The Early History of F#
Don Syme has written a paper on the early history of F# and its influence on other programming languages, including Rust and TypeScript. A friend recommended it to me, should be an interesting read!


Lemmy on RPi
Has anyone managed to run lemmy with docker on a RPi? I wonder how smooth it'll run.