This week Facebook is rolling out their new Facebook login requirements. All first-time sign ins to Oculus devices will now require users to create or link a Facebook account.

I am glad I never invested in one of these. If I ever buy a VR headset it will be one that is as open as possible.


I don’t understand why they would do this. The VR market is pretty niche as it is and now they’re going to alienate another part of an already small market? I don’t get it.


My guess is that occulus sales don’t really compare to facebook data sales. probably decided they could make more money per human this way, even if it does hurt sales of the occulus a little bit


This makes a disturbingly large amount of sense.


Facebook thinks VR will be a new gateway to social media, called ‘Social VR’.

This for everything gaming related! You can even link other gaming related subs.