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I see this crackdown on Trumpism more as a response from the state because it was threatened than a response from the left. There may be many on the left who cheer this on, but it is not directed by those on the far left. This is a response from the state. The state does not care about your right of free speech if there is an attack on it. The state will protect it’s power structures no matter what.

An even bigger step would be if there were standard size containers with standard size mouths and a height limit that any branded machine could fill up with their own formula.

You can. It is called Communities. It is groupings of rooms.

This is a good thing! I am always against any oppression any government does in the world whether it is Iran or the USA but I want a way for people to work together independent of political issues their governments face.

ETH and ETH2 are the same token. If you moved your ETH to the ETH2 beacon chain it can’t be moved until phase 1. They are the same token whether on the ETH2 beacon chain or on the Ethereum chain.

It would have been nice to see him win because he is not subject to USA’s censorship.

I am glad they are trying to maintain their work and ignore censorship.

So they can’t create new BTC but they can loan it out and display to you that you have BTC balance when they don’t actually have it in their possession, just like banks. BTC in a centralised exchange on in a bitcoin bank is not real BTC. It does not have the same properties as BTC.

This year we saw a lot of progress in what moderation of instances mean. These numbers could be highly influenced by large changes in the network due to instance bannings like when Gab arrived and was quickly banned.

Nobody said they are creating coins. Just that they may be displaying balances that they may not have anymore.

I am pretty sure it is choreographed and not intended to make people believe they are autonomously getting down on the dance floor.

If you deposit BTC to a centralised exchange they display your balance but they don’t necessarily have to keep that BTC. They may have users that have a total balance of 1 million BTC but only hold 500 K BTC in their wallets due to hacks or other bad decisions they have made. If you had the BTC in your wallet with your own keys the balance will show what you have with no risk of deceit.

The thing is the prices in cryptocurrency are based upon speculation and not really about utility or actual technology understanding, so Bitcoin could remain the leader for longer than 2 or 3 years.

Predictions in the cryptocurrency space are usually useless, but this list is somewhat interesting.

It definitely is electrically demanding. You must never have mined Bitcoin.

This article makes a lot of good points but Bitcoin still has the confidence of the market at the moment.