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Can’t wait to see some short movies created using Star Citizen.

They have already tricked me into spending that much for all of my ships combined. It seems foolish, but I just can’t stop!

The great thing here is that EU is such a big market that this will have effects on products sold in other countries too.

Ye, when I first read it I thought it was a permanent spaceship that pushed old satellites down into the atmosphere, but it reads like it goes down with the space garbage.

Couldn’t most messaging apps face these lawsuits also since they claim end to end encryption but are able to access the messages themselves, like whatsapp.

I would be happy to get rid of time change. I always feel off for over a week.

I doubt the US governments cares if it’s decentralised or not. They just care if they can have control.

It is odd that the Republicans, who usually push less regulation, are the ones that seem to want to regulate crypto the most.

Hopefully users will make an effort to post a link they liked more regularly.

Maybe ***tube will all of a sudden add ads to every video and not pay the creators unless they are registered partners… oh wait, they just did that!

Hey look, a user from another instance!

Real meat still tastes better to a lot of people than plant based meats. If this lab-grown meat can compare to real meat then it will find it’s market with those that like the taste of real meat.

It is still open, just that some corporations are contributing to it and using it’s data for their content.

This is one of many steps that they will need to accomplish if they ever want some kind of asteroid mining.

Banks being the node runners is how I see nation controlled cryptocurrencies being accepted by the legacy industry.

I hope these challenges are dismissed. Countries are allowed to ban substances.

I am glad I never invested in one of these. If I ever buy a VR headset it will be one that is as open as possible.

It is something that needs to be addressed. There will be nations and corporations looking to claim a lot of resources in space and there needs to be some rules. The more nations that agree on these rules the better.

I was hoping they left it alone and with time people realised they could move to other open technologies that would not have the same bad effects these monopolies have. But I think I am dreaming if I think people will make the best decision for themselves.