If everyone was Buddhist life would be a lot better

Buddhism stands for things like peace, acceptance, vegetarianism as they are against killing, giving to others and so on. …

Recommendations for books about buddhist mythologies?

Could you recommend books and the sorts about mythologies specifc to each buddhist sect?..

"In Zen we say practice is nothing other than your everyday activity. If we view the Dharma as something special – a particular activity we treat as more sacred, or a state we hope to attain that will be of an entirely different nature than the mundane existence we currently endure – we’re missing t…

The fragrance of joss sticks hangs in the air, while in the background there is the constant murmur of monks reciting their mantras. When you experience a ceremony in the Golden Temple of Elista, you’d be forgiven for believing that you’re no longer in Europe – but you definitely haven’t left the co…

Modern mindfulness strips Buddhism of its spiritual core. We need an ethics of reincarnation for an interconnected world …


I quite like the podcast and the thoroughness in referencing things. The podcast is certainly opinioned but it makes its stance pretty clear. …

Currently reading this one and I find it to be a really nice intro to meditation. …

We are not the Buddha’s close disciples and the implications of this upon reading Buddhist literature. I am not sure how I feel about this article. I am sharing it because it was thought provoking, I hope others find it so as well. …

Six ways to deal with life

I found this read to be very enjoyable & useful. I think that you could probably just read the first point. All the subsequent points seem like variations on the first ( and last ). But, either way a good read. …

What are you reading?

Hi , I want to get this community going!! So I am hoping to spark some constructive discourse over books. Everyone loves them :) I would like to hear what you all are reading. …

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unnecessary thoughts

This article in Dutch, by a guy who stayed in Japan for one year working on Zen, mentions this “unnecessary thoughts”, mentioned by the roshi. For example worrying thoughts about the future, which may or may not happen, is basically pointless. He gives a short story about a samurai who got death sen…


Yes I record audiobooks in my spare time. :smiling face: …

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"Oh really ?"

Zen master Hakuin was praised as someone who lived a clean life. …

"Oh really ?"
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Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment - Buddha

I saw this today mentioned on a Dutch website page. Then I searched for an English one that has it, …

[Discussion] What I have taken from Buddhism

I would say my philosophical mindset is an ever expanding garden fertilised by nihilism, stoicism, and buddhism. I try not to fetishise philosophies, leaders, or people and try to learn something from every ideology I come across. …

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