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Well, some of the things I need to work on are reviewing fundamentals - so in that sense, I won’t be working on anything too crazy, and it might align decently with what you will be doing as you get into your CS program. I have three semesters left, and they will be filled with my CS upper division courses. In particular I need to review fundamental data structures & algorithms, as I’ve not done so in ages. I’d also like to complete that Nand2Tetris course for fun.

A lot of the stuff I will be working on at school will also be related to networking, as I am taking a networking course (I can’t remember if I’m taking it in the fall or spring), and because I will be participating in CTFs w/ my university’s team. I’m also interested in possibly obtaining the CCNA certification before I graduate in Fall 2021.

Plus, accountability isn’t all about what you know - it would be nice to talk about these things regardless. Just so we are kept honest in what we are working on.

Anyone looking for an accountability partner?

I am 23, in the process of finishing up an undergraduate degree in computer science with a concentration in cybersecurity. I have a number of things I’d like to be practicing and projects I’d like to work on, but I tend to have trouble with independent, self-directed work, mostly due to years of ine…

Thanks for posting this; I’ve actually been looking for very simple solutions to manage my own static webpage, as I really won’t be using it for anything but making the occasional text post, and perhaps for linking to my resume and other relevant information. I’ll definitely have to give this a look.

Currently on Fedora 32 Workstation. I’m partial to just about anything Red Hat has a hand in. Definitely the most well-put-together distributions that I’ve used (have limited experience w/ CentOS & RHEL).

Some years back a friend of mine started calling me lainon, which was a common way users referred to each other on the imageboard Lainchan. So technically, it is the combination of lain + anon. My friend did so because I was a bit obsessed with Serial Experiments Lain, and all of my avatars at that point were just Lain pics. I’m not really the imageboard type, but the name stuck and now here I am.