ReverseEagle [DEPRECATED]

I address this issue here to know the opinion about the FLOSS community and, being the case, support a possible decision to move YaCy development away of GitHub. …

De-Googling FOSS: Fonts

Hello folks. Have submitted a couple of PRs on projects to remove Open Sans (hosted via Google Fonts) and replace with something local. …

Degoogling the Fediverse

While might look good at the first view,it unfortunately has hidden Google shit which isn’t required.
If you hit the “How it works” button,you get to see a Youtube video which could also be loaded from

How to find potential projects?

Do you have any strategies for finding projects which can be degoogled? I tried the GitHub search, but I was not too successful. …

ReverseEagle [DEPRECATED]

    Welcome to ReverseEagle

    Let’s take an extra step forward to create a private, free, and healthy internet, and software that you can trust.

    We remove proprietary code from FOSS projects.

    Too many projects that claim to be a bastion of privacy have been overtaken by the influence of corporations.

    The whole idea of FOSS is being torn apart by companies who don’t have our best interests at heart.

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