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Great article,thank you very much for that :thumbs up: I’ll post that to my Mastodon account and hope that I’ll reach many people with it.Just one little hint: You link to gitlab.com in the footer.This site is hosted at Google Cloud and receives funding from Google,so you shouldn’t use it.Non-profit alternatives at trusted hosters are https://notabug.org or https://pagure.io or https://codeberg.org

It looks like GlitchSoc seems to be more or less open to a feature which replaces Youtube but he isn’t totally sure yet.Please help in the discussion to make it happen! https://github.com/glitch-soc/mastodon/issues/1357

Yes,I thought that too but after a massive shitstorm,Gargron moved back to a open source solution.Unfortunately it still has Youtube at the front page and Google Fonts everywhere but it’s much better than the proprietary shit.

Automated translation by https://deepl.com/translator
To install the new #Mastodon instance (even if the domain is not there yet, you can prepare it) I just opened the documentation unsuspectingly, so now some proprietary provider is used instead of the good old open source site and this is a real #DataKrake 🤢 The start page of https://docs.joinmastodon.org includes no less than 10 different third-party domains, 6 requests to Google servers are blocked 👎 What is this?
I recommend using the DeepL translator for every post which is interesting for you.The discussing is too long to translate everything by hand.

It took me a long time to find this old post again but here is it: https://social.avareborn.de/@nipos/103409346483635215

I don’t wonder about that as much as I should. It was clear that Gargron will take a stance against decentralization,against freedom and against the wishes of his users once again. Privacy-friendly joinmastodon.org will never happen :loudly crying face: He only reacts if you create a very big shitstorm as I did when he tried to move the documentation to a proprietary provider with hundreds of different third-parties.

Trying to contribute to Mastodon really isn’t fun. For the Youtube topic I found another issue asking for the same thing: https://github.com/tootsuite/documentation/issues/769 If we all could give this one upvotes,too,they’ll maybe reconsider their stance against Peertube.

Bad news: Gargron doesn’t care about evil links being shared on Mastodon :loudly crying face: Well,I was actually expecting that to happen because he never does what the users want. Luckily there is a nice fork called GlitchSoc which gives users more freedom and I’ll try again there: https://github.com/glitch-soc/mastodon/issues/1357

Where did you find a ReCaptcha in Mastodon? :face with raised eyebrow:

What about using Pagure? We could use the public instance https://pagure.io or host it on a own server as it’s open source and written in Python. I’m not a big fan of the bloated Gitlab software and as far as I know,they get huge donations from Google so they’re more or less dependent on them and won’t degoogle.

Degoogling the Fediverse
While https://joinmastodon.org might look good at the first view,it unfortunately has hidden Google shit which isn't required. If you hit the "How it works" button,you get to see a Youtube video which could also be loaded from https://peertube.social/videos/watch/7a087e5f-68e0-4359-8035-bfd9752e9b2e or at least using Invidious. It's even worse than it looks first because it's not loaded using a more or less safe sandbox using a Iframe but instead a Youtube Javascript is loaded directly into Mastodons page. Now have a look at https://docs.joinmastodon.org - Another Youtube video (or maybe the same,this shit gets blocked here so I don't know),this time even without needing to click a button. Additionally is tries to load a Google font. Again that gets blocked here because I don't want to see any Google shit on the internet but the page looks good anyway. This could be removed without any replacement and likely nobody would even notice. Alternatively,it could be embedded in a privacy-friendly way from Mastodons own server. So let's have a look at other projects... https://gup.pe may be useful but it's an epic fail when it comes to privacy :loudly crying face: Every page tries to load Google fonts. And I'm talking about the actual project,not only a documentation page. With Google fonts blocked,the page looks good,so just why?!?! Having a look at Fediverse infrastructure providers,it doesn't get better. The biggest managed Mastodon hoster https://masto.host is also trying to load Google fonts for no reason :face with rolling eyes: At least they're not using ReCaptcha for the sign up what,in fact,was what I expected when I opened the sign up page for checking it. In my opinion it's very important that we keep the Fediverse safe from the bad players which have already turned a large part of the internet into their corporate network. We should try to reach out to the responsible people,no matter if it's a open source project like Guppe or a infrastructure provider like Masto.host. Another important point is to make Fediverse software protect its users by rewriting links to evil third-party services to better ones. We should support issues like this: https://github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/issues/12145 Also we shouldn't tolerate instances hosted on Google Cloud. I'm really sad when I see that even people in the Mastodon community who I thought they'd care about Mastodon think that it's okay to use Googles malicious network to host their servers. Instances like that must be isolated,for example by using these firewall rules: https://paste.bka.li/view/8308edd5

I like the new website but at the bottom you link to GitLab. This is not a good idea as Gitlab.com is hosted on Google Cloud. Another bad thing is Github by Micro$oft but as we’re not against Micro$oft here,that’s maybe acceptable. GitLab however should be a strict no-go for a project like this.

That’s very good news :slightly smiling face: Linux stands for privacy and it gives bad reputation if they use surveillance tools on their own website.