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Thanks for your reply :)
I think what you guys started here is really important, the list on your git page shows how widespread this issue is. If FOSS projects can’t avoid using such proprietary tools, then how can we ever expect it from others ?

Even having such a list can be an inspiration for many FOSS projects to move away from proprietary software.

It’d be really sad if this project dies. I understand that your personal lives are important, but you can try adding more active members to the group for help. And if you ever feel like quitting it, then at least try finding a new maintainer for it before you leave, so the project continues. But I hope that never happens :)

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ReverseEagle [DEPRECATED]

    Welcome to ReverseEagle

    Let’s take an extra step forward to create a private, free, and healthy internet, and software that you can trust.

    We remove proprietary code from FOSS projects.

    Too many projects that claim to be a bastion of privacy have been overtaken by the influence of corporations.

    The whole idea of FOSS is being torn apart by companies who don’t have our best interests at heart.