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chromium::::[semifree] contains some re-built binaries to aid in faster compiling; supports the use of Widevine DRM, Adobe Pepper Flash and third-party codecs which are nonfree, [nonprivacy] source code still has many lines of code that makes direct internet connections to Google, has a number of reported privacy concerns which made it ineligible for use with Tor or I2P. Issues include outstanding proxy bugs which leak an user’s IP address, fingerprinting issues that leak the computers hostname and hardware, and timing issues that enable timing attacks even in the browser’s “Incognitio” mode


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ReverseEagle [DEPRECATED]

    Welcome to ReverseEagle

    Let’s take an extra step forward to create a private, free, and healthy internet, and software that you can trust.

    We remove proprietary code from FOSS projects.

    Too many projects that claim to be a bastion of privacy have been overtaken by the influence of corporations.

    The whole idea of FOSS is being torn apart by companies who don’t have our best interests at heart.

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