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Hmm, also grundsätzlich finde ich es schon richtig, wenn ein Moderator auch mal ganze Instanzen blockiert, sofern das im Sinne der jeweiligen Community ist.

Ich finde eher, dass die Rahmenbedingungen ausschlaggebend sind.
Z.B. gibt es Instanzen, wo die Mods proaktiver vorgehen und andere, wo man eher erstmal nichts tut, wenn es kein offensichtliches Problem gibt.

Oder auch Instanzen, wo man vielleicht eher das Feedback der Community vorher einholt, Regeln schmiedet etc. und andere, wo da nicht so viel Wert darauf gelegt wird.

Im Grunde muss man als Benutzer da die richtige Instanz für sich finden.
Oder wenn’s dir irgendwo gut gefällt, bis auf diese Vorgehensweise, dann kannst du ja den Mods auch einfach das Feedback geben, bzw. die Diskussion mit der jeweiligen Community führen.

That’s probably because the term “centrist” is completely useless. Humanity doesn’t even agree on a definition of “left” and “right”. So, you can’t make it your political identity that you’re in the middle. In the middle of what?

The trick is to retroactively make your Google searches illegal, so that they can incarcerate political disidents.

That is a thing one can be opposed to, yes, but it’s not comparable at all. You’d likely need hundreds of software engineers to get Servo up to current standards. Mitchell Baker’s salary would only pay for around 10-20 developers. And then you’d probably have to employ a new CEO, too, because she’d get a much better salary at a different company.

Yeah, kind of sad about it, too, but they can barely keep up with Google’s web standards craze in Gecko.

Diverging resources to Servo to try to catch up with decades of web standards, would’ve just been a waste of money.

Not sure what exactly is making you think that, since it could’ve just been used as a regular browser engine, but they did also explore making it embeddable as a drop-in replacement for Electron.

Yeah, not a fan of that design trend.

I once had to explain to my mum how to call a contact in this UI:

Without just tapping it myself, I would’ve pretty much not been able to explain, nor do I believe that she’ll be able to figure it out next time on her own.

Solution, in case you're still wondering how.

You have to tap the phone icon to the left.

I actually also mostly use Kate, but it’s KDE/Qt software, so I’m not sure you want that.

Geany is sort of a GTK alternative to Kate.

Right, yeah. I guess, you’d usually have a scrollbar visible and whatever other UI components are still on there.

And whether that looks like Windows 98 or not, will depend on your GTK theme.
That screenshot was probably taken on Xfce, MATE or many years ago.

If you have a more modern GTK theme, e.g. if your desktop environment is GNOME, Cinnamon (Linux Mint), Pantheon (ElementaryOS) etc. or you’ve just set it to something more modern, then Leafpad should look more modern, too.

…Visual Studio Code/Codium is also Electron-based. 🙃

Hmm, so if it only displays text, no other UI elements, then what about it could even look like it was designed in the 90s? Or do you just want an editor that can display variable-width font?

I don’t just mean that you should call them out when they’re actively spewing bullshit.
They will often start out with discussions of slightly controversial topics and, you know, only playing devil’s advocate, only discussing that because it’s “interesting”, and of course some bullshit related to free speech.

But then they won’t stop there. The topics will get more controversial, more and more about violence and the worth of humans.

And I’m saying, if you notice them drifting off into that direction, to stop being nice. Don’t try to reason with them anymore. Do take it personal and show that to them, if they’re glorifying violence against a group of people (even though you’re not in that particular group).

Like, I’ve told my own dad that he should go fuck himself when he suggested that it’s good when more Afghans get killed, so that they can’t flee and seek asylum here.
And I think, he understood that I’m willing to cut ties, if he continues being a racist asshole. Because he did shut the fuck up after that.

That’s my two cents. Obviously your mileage may vary.

This also applies to what is perhaps yet another two steps into the “future”, which is

  1. continuous and
  2. interactive art.

You can have generative art that just produces a video feed that you can display at some art gallery or on a website.

And you can give controls for tweaking the algorithm parameters to the viewer so that they can actively explore that algorithm’s output.

My experience has been that it’s basically futile. Their past and their whole present situation have entrenched this hatred. One kind soul on the internet isn’t going to fix that.
They might even turn you away, because they have fundamental trust issues and basically see it as a form of aggression when someone is inexplicably nice to them.

You also need to be wary of the Paradox of Tolerance, i.e. don’t be too tolerant towards their views.


It’s a reference to Joe Rogan, like many other idiots, trying to treat his COVID-19 infection with Ivermectin, which is medicine made for horses.

If you’re just looking for basically a MacBook, I would recommend buying from one of the Linux-first vendors, like System76 (USA), Entroware (UK), Tuxedo (Germany) etc… They’ll work out of the box and you get tech support.

Disadvantage of these, is that they’re basically just Clevo laptops with some drivers added. That means, those drivers are not generally available and if you want to play around with different distros, there’s probably going to be one thing or another not properly working.

If you do want to play around with different distros, I’d also recommend a second-hand ThinkPad or another model that’s known to have good support from Linux.

If you’re looking for a powerful development laptop, with possibly the same issues as the Linux-first vendors, Dell has one or two models with Linux support.

Well, they can’t keep going with the particular thing that they have been fined for. With judges having decided that this is in violation of the law, it would be a felony to keep going, which will be punished much more harshly.

Sure, they’ll try to weasel around it. Change the anonymization process just enough to meet the criteria. But too much funny business will just land them in court a second time, then as a repeat offender.

I’ve enjoyed using https://quiterss.org in the past. It has rather many features/settings, but it’s not necessarily the most sexy-looking RSS reader, if that’s what you’re after.

All the usual privacy reasons still apply, but I’ve found that for me, it’s also just an unending appreciation for anonymity.

There was a time on the internet when I felt comfortable talking to complete strangers on topics that I wouldn’t talk about with anyone that actually knows me.
From light-hearted fun, like the people we had crushes on, to the real deep shit, like sexual abuse, anorexia, depression.

Those were the closest connections I ever had. To people on the other side of the planet.

I don’t feel comfortable talking to strangers on the internet anymore. Because I have to assume that people are listening in, which know fully who I am. And could probably use that information against me in some way.

I would like that anonymity back.

Were you able to see those paths on the satelite image or how did you measure them out?

Introducing Activity-aware Firefox

A script to make KDE Plasma and Firefox work hand-in-hand



Minetest game with a strong survival focus, meaning lots of the steps towards building your dream palace are much more tedious. …

Glad to see work happening on this. 🎉…


Can any of the ciphers in GnuPG be brute-forced?

I was expecting the usual “It’s gonna take millions of years”, but I like this answer better. :D…

You can switch tabs on the new Android Firefox by swiping over the URL bar

In the new Android Firefox (Fenix), you can cycle between tabs by swiping horizontally over the URL bar. So, it behaves similar to Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab on the desktop. …