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It’s never too late for Microsoft to start doing shit like that…

Well, I don’t think you should design that. The team knows best how it works together most effectively. Let them discuss these points.

If you want raw theory on that, there’s this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuckman’s_stages_of_group_development
TL;DR: Any team necessarily needs to go through certain stages. You can’t skip them by e.g. designing a workflow for them.

Or more practically: Sometimes my product owner person will go a bit cray-cray and say that I should put something into Confluence. And then I don’t do that, because Confluence is garbage and well, it’s not like they’ll ever find out, if it’s in Confluence or not. No one ever finds anything in Confluence anyways.
Maybe Confluence could be salvaged, if I wanted to use it, but none of the devs look in there, so it’s effectively /dev/null. I may as well just not document it at all. Or rather document it in a place that people actually check.

But what do you mean with workflow here? How the code works on a given task, i.e. the program logic?
Or are we talking more organizationally, so how the development team works together in respect to Git, bug tracking, documentation etc.?

Well, I think, we can all agree that $DE_USED_BY_ME is the most beautiful and usable. 🙃

Like, I even have a blog in mind that does such analysis work, but I doubt I would know about it, if the author didn’t happen to like $DE_USED_BY_ME…

It says in the text at the bottom (in an unfortunately not quite as obvious way) that the HTTPS connection makes use of HTTP/2, which is significantly faster, because it streams multiple resources across one connection.

This is indicative of reality. If you set up a server nowadays, it will support HTTP/2 out of the box. And major browsers will only do HTTP/2, if it’s an HTTPS connection. But yeah, it’s not inherent to it being encrypted.

I wish it was more obvious from that webpage, since yeah, HTTPS is definitely slower by itself, but it is what a current real-time measurement will likely give you.

Jo, mal wieder Malware-artiges Verhalten auf der Durchschnitts-Webseite. Würde mir auch wünschen, dass Strafverfolgungsbehörden proaktiv diese Straftaten ahnden und nicht erst jeweils ein Benutzer bemerken muss, dass die Daten missbraucht werden, und dann einzeln Beschwerde oder Klage eingereicht werden kann.

KDE is also a bit tricky to benchmark, since it will index the hard drive after you first install it. You have to wait that out to get a representative value.

Yeah, the lack of regulation is eroding trust in technology. This kind of tracking does not require the data to ever leave your phone and under sane privacy laws, users would not be left wondering about this.

I really don’t see those as the same thing. You can’t talk to the same people on Twitter that you know from Facebook. With the Fediverse, you generally can.

A user on https://mastodon.technology can migrate to https://fosstodon.org and will generally find the same people + whoever may have been silenced by more aggressive moderation.
Same thing the other way around. Most users don’t care about seeing everything, and may just find it more convenient when trolls and assholes are already filtered out for them, so may migrate from Fosstodon to mastodon.technology.

No, this is not a perfect system on an individual user basis, since most users won’t really know what they’re not seeing.
But I do think, in the grand scheme of things, people will bundle up around instances that offer a good balance between interesting content and trolls/assholes.

I mean, users can decide to move to an instance with less moderation.

Interesting analysis, but the conclusion is a bit contrived. People often prefer type safety over performance. When it doesn’t impact type safety, they still prefer better performance over worse performance. That’s not a contradiction.

You could argue that introducing the EnumSet-type isn’t worth it for that, but I don’t really see a disadvantage from having it.
Those who know about EnumSet, can use it. Those who don’t know it, can continue to use HashSet. And if you don’t know about EnumSet, but find one in a code base, it’s not hard to guess what it does…

And that was the death of that character. Got overrun by wasps and lindwurms down there.

I love the new Meteorae, conceptually.
The limited Zot timer forces you to cut out lots of the boring-but-safe plays, like exploring each level fully, waiting for health to restore after each battle, or pillar-dancing.
And the exploration healing cuts into that, too. It makes it sane to run into unknown territory, especially in the middle of a battle. It rewards taking risks. And with the passive mapping ability, you do get a chance of guessing whether there could be monsters around the corner.

Of course, the ‘downside’ is that they’re freaking hard to play. I have yet to even reach one of the branches with a Meteoran, but I do wonder whether you’re supposed to descend the first few levels so quickly that you actually build up the Zot timer, so you have a chance of getting back out of those branches.

The thing with these kind of arguments is that they don’t really matter. You have thousands of volunteers working on these projects. If they collectively decide working on software A isn’t fun anymore, you either pick up the slack on software A yourself or you hopefully enjoy software B.

Was mir bei dieser Debatte am meisten Sorgen macht, ist dass wir Menschen liebend gerne unsere Intelligenz überschätzen. Wenn man der Wissenschaft lauscht, dann ist auch ein Großteil der menschlichen Intelligenz einfach nur Muster wieder zu erkennen.

Bedeutet nicht, dass ich eine unmittelbare Gefahr oder moralische Problematik schon jetzt sehe – wir Menschen sind auf ein deutlich breiteres Spektrum an Mustern trainiert als bisherige KI-Systeme, die meist nur eine oder wenige Kompetenzen erfüllen – aber ich denke nicht, dass noch eine (recht willkürliche) “Bewusstsein”-Schwelle dazwischen liegt, sondern dass wir eben früher oder später einfach genug Muster in einer KI vereinen.

Plasma 5.25 Can Sync Accent Color with Wallpaper
From the release announcement: https://kde.org/announcements/plasma/5/5.25.0/

Could use it to represent a shell. It reminds me of a prompt with underscore cursor:

$ _

Wow, I was thinking this would make a lot of sense when they announced work on an Android Thunderbird variant, but never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined this actually happening. This is awesome!

When did we get to shelf scale and room temperature quantum computers? Last I heard, we can barely manage them completely isolated and at near-zero temperatures.

Or is this a quantum computer with, like, one quantum and barely reliable…?

Yeah, I don’t get why the rest of the comments here are shooting against both. Firefox is 100% doing the right thing here.

Noticed on Trunk that Sandblast doesn't need stones anymore and figured I should do a serious run with a GrEE. Of course, now the game gives me lots of stones...

Both are stacks of 3 as well. Thanks, Game.

Hi, I created a community for the game Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. It's an open-source game, so would've also fit onto [!opensourcegames@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/c/opensourcegames), but I wanted a place where I can post things which will only make sense, if you've actually played DCSS. So, this is quite a niche interest. I might be shouting into the void here, but that's okay. Of course, anyone else is welcome to shout with me. :)

In the farthest corner and just one small corridor leading up to it...

dav1d is a decoder for the AV1 video codec. It's optimized for performance to achieve reasonable decoding speed even without hardware decoding support (which is still generally lacking for AV1).

Enlightenment 0.25.0 Release

Introducing Activity-aware Firefox
*A script to make KDE Plasma and Firefox work hand-in-hand*