De-Googling FOSS: Fonts

Hello folks. Have submitted a couple of PRs on projects to remove Open Sans (hosted via Google Fonts) and replace with something local.

Not a lot of luck yet though.

Main issue: Google uses Google Fonts to track users.

Solution #1? include the font locally …

Problem with this solution: Trying to include fonts in a project is a licensing issue: Open Sans is Apache 2.0 licensed; this precludes it being integrated with any GPL v2 projects.

Solution #2? find a similar font …

Problem: I’m struggling to find a font that is “similar enough” to Open Sans to default to instead. Lots of projects use Open Sans - yes, it looks great - but really a lot of difficulty in incorporating this into projects (and stop using track-happy CDNs) right now, just because of licensing.

Any suggestions, either in getting round licensing, or suggesting alternative fonts that project maintainers are likely to be happy to use instead?


Just a side note, at home I’m blocking Google fonts server using pi-hole. My eyes still don’t hurt, font wise.


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