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Off topic, but is funny to know the drug dealers, from Vice’s reporting of sell of drugs on Instagram and Snapchat, uses Iphone, even though they don’t want to be disclosed while making a speech to the video.

Send looks a good service even though I never used.

I think the program uses a Chrome folder for icons. I don’t know why it is there.

I don’t know about it, but isn’t possible to pay someone for a 3d printing one? Well, it must be expensive.

This page uses three sort of cookies. Is it not better to publish the original page or a non-cookie one?

I think here does. It’s terrible to walk around the slippery manholes without fall.

The judge of the character of Björk in Dancer in the Dark.

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Cats sits on your keyboard. That’s 1x0.

What wiki you most read?
The Emulation Wiki is my favorite, everytime there's something I didn't see.

Why it would? There are few instances and few people know the project.

4 tvs? Why not use cheap monitors with cheap computers?

How can they do that!

“What’s this” does not sounds well and it seems like a community for buying of products.

This is very awful. So the reports are not private too? Lemmy works is the same way?

I miss the r/birding and r/whatsthisbug.
I would make related communities, but I don't know how to identifie birds and bugs.


I first used Ubuntu, because my used laptop were with Windows 7 and I knew linux from programation internet lessons. Then I jumped to Mint for just curiosity.