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How did they know? And more importantly, why did they care?

In the US at least, the traffic wars are caused by the White Flight which has everyone commuting from the suburbs. It’s a dumb model.

They’re going toward making the distinction between public spaces and private spaces, not public ownership versus private ownership.

In my theory of the world, the pipe tobaccos that win big are the ones that taste like foods. Escudo for example tastes like a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich; My Mixture 965 tastes like gingerbread, and those Virginia flakes taste like sourdough bread toast with honey (if you want it really ta…


There are a few good candidates: ecocide, overpopulation, and political instability.

The Revolution ain’t going so well.

“White Supremacy” just means resistance to White genocide at this point.

I’m not sure I believe that they are responsible for anything like the riots that just trashed America last summer, or the many deaths caused by lack of policing.

Regardless, I had them covered under “skinheads,” since that’s the group I’m familiar with that has these beliefs.

I find the Dylann Roofs, Robert Bowers, and whoever the guy was in El Paso to be upsetting, but I can see their grievance: the Left has declared war on White people, at least in America.

I think it’s entirely possible to, without being anti-Black, be anti-diversity. I think most of America is in fact shifting in this direction.

Good. China is the #1 problem in the world today.

Authoritarian egalitarianism, who would have thought it. Not like it’s THE primary pattern throughout history.

More likely, when you have a riot, everyone shows up. Antifa, winos, skinheads, and people who just like to riot. You might think I’m kidding, but a lot of people will show up for any chaotic event for a chance to be dangerous.

I think it was the dubious election, myself. Whether the one in 1960 or 2020 is hard to say. Of course, this is after the disastrous civil war, so maybe it was that.