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It often is already. Just in secret.

Considering their ice cream machines are down most of the time, is it possible that they don't actually turn a profit when accounting for the machinery + constant repairs?

As a diet can of monster

As a developer, I just think closed source applications and the entire operating system being closed source is detrimental to my development as a programmer.

The only time I saw which OS was being used on an airplane, I saw Tux the penguin on screen as the screen in front of me was loading. It was for the in flight entertainment computers though.

Does everybody struggle a lot when reading old books, or is it just me?
For me, I find it really difficult to comprehend texts of the 1900s and mid 1800s. I don't find it difficult to read texts from the late 1900s and 2000s

Your assertion that we all agreed on something about China just isn’t the case! As someone involved in communist circles, it seems nobody can agree what China is. There are tons of people on each side of this argument.

Hello! I’ve had a much better experience here than on Reddit :)

Introducing c/nostupidquestions!
Post your (non) stupid questions here. This was made as it is a subreddit and I feel it should be on lemmy.

The good chair manufacturers are well known. Herman Miller, Steelcase, Humanscale. You wont get a good office chair for less than $500.

Mesh is common in higher end chairs. Lots of adjustability, moveable lumber support, adjustable armrests, adjustable height/angles, leg support, conformability.

Keep in mind, if you invest a lot of money in a chair, that chair will last for 10+ years and still be good. If you don’t have the money now, buy a chair from ikea like the Ikea Milberget for like $65 and save for a 500-1000$ chair. That’s my plan.

Seats in house wont matter. Electoral politics isn’t the goal of most socialist parties.

Yeah lol I’m always listening to something. I’ll just return em and keep lookin though ^^

oof. Just received the T10s and they have a low battery noise every 10 seconds when they reach 30% battery

I highly recommend deemix (deemix.app). Look into it.

Does your workplace have a union?
Just curious, if your workplace has a union or not. If not, are you gonna push for one?

Use Vim
Just a little blog post I created ^^ Feel free to share. There are no analytics collection on this site.

Little blog post I whipped up ^^ Share as you please. There is no analytics collection on this site.