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The internet, but not just north America
I'm bored of just reading about north America. It's interesting but I'm sure equally interesting stuff is happening on all the other continents. Is there a way to internet, just browse for stories and opinions, but filtering out the overwhelming dominant subject. Lemmy was planning a tagging feature for a while. So posters would always tag language and country. So you could chose to only see things pertinent to your language and region. What happened to that? Americans only talk about a few things. And they all think the same way. It was interesting but I know enough about that now. How can I (easily and conveniently) discover what else is there in the world?

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Define “a stupid question”
If there are no stupid questions then how do we answer the questions that really matter if we say that all questions are equal?

Why don’t skaters go to see doctors?
cross-posted from: > Nursing an injury and found instructions on a skater site. The skater site said: "i know you won't go to a dr since you're a skater" Why don't they go to drs? > > I don't go to drs due to being poor.

Why do lefties want guns?
cross-posted from: > Surely we can't fight the military since they have tanks and planes. I mean, we could vietnam it at massive casualties, but that's pretty suboptimal. I'd rather do like lenin's build a militia strategy since at least a militia might have like anti air guns.

If mirrors/reflective surfaces didn’t exist, would people dress up less often?
I read that women dress up because they like the way X looks, not usually to appeal to men. Not sure why men dress up. Which got me wondering.

How do i keep up with the latest words that are political in/correct?
keeping up with what is political correct is very difficult and it's easy to get cancelled. Which sounds like i'm sprewing rightwing bs, but if someone knows how to keep up with the trends let me know. (That isn't spend my life on twitter trending hashtags)

List of methods to figure out if a company won’t ship to a PO box?
Contacting the company order and hope for success

Why does my landlord keep on telling me “I won’t do much cooking on a hotplate”?
It's not like the hotplate doesn't work... from what I've tested. The unit has no stove or oven, just this hotplate

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What’s 5 x 1
I got stuck on 1 x 5 every time please.

Is spiderman’s humor sarcasm?
Like when he fixes a computer and says "see, not just a pretty mask" Or Bad guy pulls out big guns, and spidey says: "oh for me? you shouldn't have"

Best chan websites?
What is the best chan websites similar to 4chan?

Why did it take so long for hybrid cars to take off?
A (series) hybrid car is technically the similar to a petrol car - they use the same compnents. But a hybrid is actually simpler to build, and higher performance. Why have manufacturers been concentrating on petrol-only cars for decades? In a petrol car, the petrol engine drives the wheels and the battery charger, and the electric motor just starts the engine. In a hybrid, the motor drives the wheels and the engine only charges the battery. This means your engine is much smaller and your motor and battery are bigger. Because an electric motor can deliver power efficiently over a high range of RPM, this also means you don't need a carburator or gearbox, and the engine design - the difficult part of car design - is much simpler. The whole system becomes more compact, more efficient, higher performance, and cheaper. Trains and ships have been series-hybrid for many decades. Why not cars?

Is there an easy way to find out how covid 19 is spreading?
I've been wondering why this is not done. It seems so obvious, so there must be a good reason. When doing covid testing, ask people questions like - how many times did you get a bus this week - or visit a hairdresser - does your office/apartment have AC or natural ventilation - do you share accommodation like in a barracks, retirement home, hostel Then you or all this in MS excel and run a correlation. Of positives, how many people did X or Y or both. Of negatives, how many petiole did X or Y or both. The statistical functions tell you which patterns are important. This instantly tells you the risk of each activity. It can guide people and authorities. 1. People could be given a target, normalised to the reproduction number - all your activities this week must add to less than 1. 2. Authorities can know the exact statistical risk of an activity. Exactly how big will be the effect of closing pubs, or hairdressers, or taking barman over 50 or of work? You can have as granular data as you like. If you look up micromorts on Wikipedia it's a similar idea. *** All we know about covid risks, everything news channels and governments repeat in their echo chambers, is either extrapolated from other diseases, anecdotal, or speculation. We could easy grasp the true exact data, with as much granularity as needed, with no extra effort from what is done today. This should be the headline news. Instead of "cases went up this week" we could know that "Cases among 40s-50s linked to AC ventilated pubs, where people stayed 1 hour, went up this week" Why not?

If older people have a hard time walking when they get older why don’t they walk on all fours to take away the pressure from their legs
Could this be a new thing that we all can look pass on, instead of criticizing and making a mockery out of old people when we see them walking on all four.

Why are there trash cans in poor neighborhoods
Every time I drive past the projects, I see litter all over the ground.

Why do people have children?
I hate my parents for giving me birth, because my life is pure suffering, and I don't like it

Considering their ice cream machines are down most of the time, is it possible that they don't actually turn a profit when accounting for the machinery + constant repairs?

Does everybody struggle a lot when reading old books, or is it just me?
For me, I find it really difficult to comprehend texts of the 1900s and mid 1800s. I don't find it difficult to read texts from the late 1900s and 2000s

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