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Single sign-on, so I can interact with other fedi sites with my main account without manually loading them in mastodon

oh fuck what will happen to the federated feed?

I like the idea of semi-rural but with good internet and such

i always wanted to make fortune cookies with messages like “Run.” or “Do not look at the moon”

it’s a furry elephant with two big ol tusks

it looks unmaintained for the last year but hopefully if it gets popular someone will take over

Single sign on for other fediverse sites with my main account (likely mastodon)

i don’t think it’s possible, you can remove the alias and add it to a new room - I have 18 invite codes
If anyone wants to join and will use it

you can totally view all public rooms, and they have a dropdown for the other connected services, just click the + sign next to Rooms and click Explore Rooms has a github issue for fediverse support, they seem open to it

Anyone familiar with amtrack
I'm thinking of taking a sleeper car up the west coast, what can I expect

All his Cuba and international stuff is great, he doesn't vilify them or make shitty jokes