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Anyone tried to run lemmy on a Raspi4?

Any issues or successes? I might wanna run a small instance on pure solar…

Many times, in what context? Most were camping related

gentoo, i haven’t used it for years and it’s not easy for noobs but everyone was super cool

i’d remove this, but it’s so petty and pointless that it’s funny

grind up beef, shape it. doesn’t seem like a huge cultural innovation

it’s better to spend like $10 on a debrid like and get everything from every service, bonus black market economy

Bonus points for posting screens of their unhinged facebook rants as a warning to others

Purpose of this community

Nominees have made public declaration of their anti-mask, anti-vax, or Covid-hoax views, followed by admission to hospital for Covid. The Award is granted upon the nominee’s release from their Earthly shackles…

Late 30s, not a huge fan of it, sorta sucks

May the Dead Rise and Smell the Incense

If you're not aware, you can paste an image from clipboard into the URL field.

Glad I tried. It would be nice if images federated as image attachments and not just a lemmy link, tho…

deleted by creator

i don’t do reddit but that thread should prob link

Even after reading through the thread I can’t think of one

cough yourself to death, rat

all the ones i’ve seen still say toot, and everyone uses the term

What's with ML/Ms selling newspapers at protests?

Maybe I’m old but I used to see it at every anti-war protest. Anarchists give out stuff for free. No I don’t wanna buy your boring issue of Workers World or whatever…

A good place to follow recent HD releases?

I’m waiting on Eternals and Spider-man but but I don’t watch cams, is there a place to track it?..

What Kodi addons do you use?

I’m mostly TheOath and Premiumizer…