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All his Cuba and international stuff is great, he doesn't vilify them or make shitty jokes

good luck being flooded with right wing extremism, they love odysee

it’s just a public dns service, it has some good anti-colonial features but it’s not widely supported

I didn’t think china was very big on mass immigration, what kind of places are they expecting? I know they invest a lot in Africa

china has rich people that scam the government just like other large countries

i always wanted to make a punk rock/anticapitalist mod of earthbound, Solarus sounds a lot more advanced than earthbound modding tools made for winxp

I’m guessing “cyberspace sovereignty” means internet censorship? Also fuck Elon

I believe NitroKeys are open source too? i don’t think a lot of sites fully support FIDO2 tho

i’d prefer fair trade cocaine, in minecraft

i’ve seen too much annoying liberal shit from them

i MIGHT try it as an experiment, without taking it too seriously, if they had to follow HIPPA, but i really doubt they will

ukraine can negotiate getting crimea back in exchange for not bombing inside russia

I used to do food not bombs and also had a phase where i was drinking in public a lot and ended up chilling with a lot of homeless people at nearby parks and such

It's like happy and sad I think you should listen