Triggered by “Turn the plane off and on again every 51 days, to stop its computers displaying false data in mid-flight. A similar problem found in 2017 in some aeroplanes made by Airbus, Boeing’s European rival, prompted the European Union Aviation Safety Agency to require that such aircraft be rebooted at least every 149 hours. - The Economist”


The only time I saw which OS was being used on an airplane, I saw Tux the penguin on screen as the screen in front of me was loading. It was for the in flight entertainment computers though.


I think a while back there were articles about ISS changing from Windows to Linux.

I found one here:


VxWorks, Integrity, and LynxOS seem to be popular choices.


There was a post on /r/Linux about a recent launch from SpaceX (I think) using Linux. It said it was uncommon to use Linux.

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